There's was a previous companion casting oddity.

Freema Agyeman, who played Martha Jones, was also another character, Adeola, in the final episode of Season 2. If I'm correct, that character was turned into a Cyberman.
And Eve Myles, who played Gwen Cooper in Torchwood (and a couple episodes of Doctor Who) played an 18th century maid or somesuch before being cast as Gwen. So I guess there's a precedent.

It's not like Law & Order, at least, where you have to play two onlookers, a passersby, and a victim/criminal before you can graduate to castmember.
Karen Gillan was also in the Pompeii episode in Season 4 of Doctor Who, two years before she was Amy Pond. But it does seem odd that they would cast the same actor in two different roles in the same season.

It just goes to reinforce the fact that British shows appear to have a relatively small pool of actors to cast from. Eventually you'll see an actor on Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Sherlock and Downton Abbey in the same year.
In that link, Re: Jenna-Louise Coleman, (and specifically the so-called spoiler in that link) the casting of her as Oswin in the opener is described as a "last-minute genius idea" which is kind of laughable. Part of me wonders if it really happened the other way around like the other examples listed above. The last-minute "genius" idea was that she would make an excellent companion.

Anyway, it's about time we get to see what Rory and Amy's family life is like, though it does seem strange to start now. It's always seemed like it was avoided on purpose to get away from Davies' style of integrating companions' home lives (consistently and successfully). Amy finally got herself some parents, but they haven't been shown since.

It's lucky that the episode was a good one, save the cheeseball (preferable term) ending, or it would seem like they were trying to stick this stuff in there as an afterthought. (Moffat do something as an afterthought? Never.)

They've finally been able to provide some emotional content and redefine where the Ponds are in their lives--unlike the throw away non-divorce as a stupid device attempting to strengthen our interest in the state of their relationship. Otherwise it was fun and funny and I will forever think of the Doctor as Kramer now, Bobby.

Also, Casting Mark Williams as Rory's dad was completely brilliant and I'm rather sad that we probably won't see him again.

PS. I forget if this was addressed. Was Brian in the bathroom when the Doctor arrived at the wedding? Was he home ill? I must have missed any throw away line that could have explained him only meeting the doctor for the first time on the spaceship. (Also, though that was episooooodes ago, he did know Brian's name when Rory introduced him as "my dad." I also wonder if there was a point there or if there was just a continuity issue when the cameras were switched.)
I forgot to mention Brian Cox. Brian Cox was on Doctor Who!…

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