Were We Told Back in May Who'd Be Making Star Wars: Episode VII?


I think that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher bit is August 2011 (the article says "over a year ago"), just a couple of months before Hamill said he was retiring from doing the Joker.
Thanks for the catch! Fixed.
The timeline doesn't add up for Lindelof since the very article mentioning Iger/Lucas says the talks didn't get serious until this Summer, while Lindeolf got 1952 in June 2011. It was the monster success of The Avengers that made this deal possible for Disney, and paying someone seven figures to write a script for a franchise a year before they were even in negotiations for said franchise just does not make sense.
Mark Hamill said on TWITTER that his meeting with Lucas and Fisher was 2012, this past August

Good point. Although I can see Disney hedging bets like "If we get Star Wars - this 1952 thing becomes Star Wars. If we don't? It stays 1952." Especially considering Disney announced their intent to make it a giant-size merch-mountain way back when Lindelof was announced, and reiterated that when they got Bird.

Alyssa: the article states the August meeting was last year, 2011.

All I have to add is that Jeff Jensen's Green River book is pretty amazing, especially if you grew up in the NW in the 70s/80s.
Please Please PLEASE don't let Lindelof near anymore beloved franchises. For fuck's sake, we don't need anymore 8th grade philosophy class meditations on faith vs science in our fucking Sci-Fi!