Demise of Political Talk on KPOJ Sparks Outrage, Petitions


A "money-making play?" LOL. I take it you mean, a "business decision?"
Attention Liberals: You can NOT petition a private for-profit business from making a for-profit decision.

What are you going to do for leverage? Boycott Clear Channel? The message sent by Clear Channel is really simple, “Fuck you people.”
Icing on the cake for me was at the bottom of Kari's email:

"Let's start a ruckus. We can do this."

"Ruckus" what does that word mean to you, Kari?

Because if me or my friends created a "ruckus" I think you would shit yourself, call the police, and point us out to the cops. So, by "ruckus" you mean that you will quietly plead with some paper pusher up in Seattle who has no authority, by emailing them the results of some internet petition?

When this is over, can we get back to trying to save the lives of innocent people in Pakistan? I think 10 were killed over the weekend by Obama, most of them children. Or was it 15? Anywho, sending me an email about a radio station is probably the most important thing going on at Blue Oregon today.
To you right-wing cruel and selfish people: We want the fairness doctrine back. Private enterprise is depriving people in a blue state progressive talk!!! These airwaves belong to the People. This is an attempt by the right wing to suppress progressive thought.
This is nothing more than a ploy to stamp out democracy in Portland. It is totally unacceptable. I believe Kari is right. We all need to make our voices heard and get Carl, Tom, Randi , Ed and the rest of the gang back on live in Portland.
Clear Channel was purchased by Bain Capital in 2008. Suppose, conservatives, that you woke up a week after Obama won the election to find that Rush and the rest of the righty talkers were missing from Portland's airwaves, and in their place was, oh, say a jazz station. And then you find out that Obama owned the company that owned the radio stations that dropped all the righty talkers. Hmmmm?
Conservatives don't want competition, they want control, and this is a perfect example. Anyone who understands the facts about downturns in American history gets that capitalism suffers under conservatives. They build monopolies, support unfair competition for the wealthy, and ultimately create people like Baron Sheldon Adelson" and "Duke Mitt Romney" through government policy turning everyone else in to serfs and servants. Every 30-50 years since the founding of this Country this has happened. We get comfortable, we get selfish, and America starts to fail. Look up the cycles.

When Clear Channel, with all of its fake ratings from buying up markets and dominating especially political ratings by limiting local options, allowed for liberal talk, they thought they could make a few extra bucks without disrupting their political agenda: promoting conservative bologna (supported by Murdoch money). Turns out they couldn't have both during this election, so they determined that business profit was secondary to political profit. This isn't the only market where it's happened. Seriously, does anyone really think that when San Francisco couldn't make money with liberal talkers, that was a business decision? Seriously? Anyone really believe that in a city that is dominated by liberal thinkers? Or in Portland, for that matter,which is too? Well. both were profitable, and cancelled. So much for the "free market".

There can't be anyone with a business acumen that can believe that in Portland, a bunch of national sports pablum and east coast nonsense, and I'm a sports fan too, so I know, is going to compete in the existing market of competitive sports talk. Seriously, does anyone here want to hear about Fox constant SEC football dominance, LA-Miami NBA talk and east coast basketball news, since that's the only thing those bozos stay up late enough to listen to? The problem is that channels like KPOJ were influencing policies not just locally, but nationally. Safer for conservatives to shut that message down. Now we know where Fox sports crosses over wit Fox "news".

This is so blatantly political, with no redeeming business purpose that it's disgusting. This is about dominating the media message, not about successful business. If you are conservative and support a shut down of a successful, profitable business venture because it disagrees with your personal opinions, shame on you. If you believe in our economic system, yous should be frightened, whatever your political affiliation. Are you about America, you hypocrites, or 1940s Italy media suppression?

Clear Channel has been able to dominate media, suppressing choice for decades because they had the most money, consolidated their conservative message by promoting shows like Drugs Limbaugh, even when they were economic losers in certain markets, and because Bill Clinton signed the act allowing media monopolies.

I've worked since I was 12 and grew up in a small business family. This kind of disgusting anti-business behavior for the sake of political advantage by those already in power, but recently challenged, is disgraceful. Media is not the same as Chik-Fil-A. A fast food place can position itself in whatever stupid political situation it wants, and take the consequences. That's capitalism. Media is in the first amendment. We're messing that up with limitations and money. Do you believe in the First Amendment, or not? If not, bow to the alter of William Randolph Hurst. He was the Clear Channel of the last century. Go see his castle. What do you think that says about media consolidation? Where do you live? If you don't live in a castle, this fake business decision doesn't help you.
I am outraged that the format switched--this portland oregon not alabama--we already have sports channels--we need to have progressive voices heard --did they forget that we are actually a blue state not a rush/lars red state--wtf???? we do need to let our opinions be heard--because evidently people power can ultimately win over corporate money--but it takes action--I certainly will sign petitions and do what I can--if you care do what you can!!!
In my opinion there is no coincidence about the timing of the demise of KPOJ's progressive talk format. They stopped promoting the station a long time ago, did anyone see any billboards or bus ads? I sure didn't, And the introduction of sports and their obnoxious house ads for their sports programing seems like they were focused grouped to have the maxim annoyance factor. Ad to that the numerous dead air moments, and the perpetual overlapping of news and ads on the weekends, that even though many complained about the problem, no attempt was made to fix it, for about a year, and no repair made?!! My latest Left of Center Political Cartoon is about Bain owned Clear Channel's dumping of progressive talk in Portland, Oregon. It's up now at my website
In all of the comments for the various news stories regarding this move, I have yet to see a single one that says "yay.....sports!" KPOJs ratings are gonna take a big ol' dump, just like other clear channel stations that have pulled this BS.
As for the claim that "[we] can NOT petition a private for-profit business from making a for-profit decision"...damn right we can. Especially when said business relies on the public airwaves. Clear Channel is a massive failure when it comes to serving the public interest.
Where can I go to sign the petition? Don't allow them to suppress our progressive voice!
Boycott the advertisers of this redundant sports station and let Clear Channel know why.
Gather money, buy a educational frequency and establish a Pacifica station. I don't live in Portland, but would gladly chip in. If NPR can make it go, why not a not for profit Progressive station in Portland?

You can find the petition on the site above. I agree with boycotting all advertisers on this LAME boring sports station. Listening to sports on radio is like watching paint dry! Clear Channel is clearly acting out like the bullies they are. They hate the fact people are waking up and realizing Obama won the electoral vote by a landslide and the popular vote. Liberal voices speaking the truth hurt their campaign big time. They will make it their mission between now and the next election to shut down as many voices as possible. They are so decision my ass. So sad so sorry right wing nuts but the demographic wave is here and only going to get bigger. The old angry white man is on his way to being the minority and you will finally know what it feels like. You can throw your weight and powerful money around all you want but look how that worked for ya with Citizens United. Oh how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall watching the likes of Rove and Norquist explain that one to their dumb ass donors! Love it! We will prevail on this fight to keep our voices heard on the radio waves is just a matter of time. Be afraid right very afraid!
I was a loyal listener and caller for 6 years. I have eliminated 620 from my presets since I found out about this. The last thing we need is another sports station. I love sports but there are bigger issues to be addressed and Wolfson/Hartmann/Rhodes did this with truth and passion. I will find them all even if I have to buy a new smart phone to listen. Is this retribution for Obama's shellacking of Bain, I mean Romney, in all the battleground states ?
Obama didn't win as big of a popular vote, but he cleaned Romney's clock on the Electoral College as well as all the so called swing states.
I encourage all advertisers to pull their ads and strangle Clear Channel financially.
One thing to remember-all our progressive hosts said how important this election was for the Supreme Court appointments. Obama has 4 years to hopefully replace the whackos who voted for Citizens United (read "Corporations are people my friend" Romney) Hopefully Obama can reverse the insanity corrupting the current conservative ruled court.
What about KBOO?
Intellectuals, Liberals, people who generally pay attention. Didn't you learn anything in junior/ high school. Sports people and the wide-eyed mouth breathers that adore them are the most important people in the world. Your petty concerns about governance, fairness, and promotion of the good for everyone isn't important. What's important is the qualifying teams for playoffs, and making sure that the quarterback "really feels that it was tight, and real, you know what I'm sayin', and I jus' wanna thank Jesus for this last season, and wanna keep it tight, and real." So don't despair. The sports program at your children's school WILL be fully funded. The chemistry club, Trig' Olympics, and any other 'faggot' programs that you, or I enjoyed in our youth, will not be funded. So buck up, and remember; 'Sports people are the most important people in the world.' ...That doesn't include you, me, or any other 'faggot' that they'd like to strap to some fencing and leave for dead.
KBOO is fine for the most progressive out there, but does not have a wide enough range of appeal. And it lacks the humor and entertainment value that keeps listeners coming back for more.
Is it just me or is the timing of this important... more than even after the 2008 loss (where Republicans were purported to be becoming "extinct") the forces of the neocons (IE FOX here) are rapidly rebranding themselves, and seeking to silence critics and begin again, to lie to the public and independents about their agenda.

The elimination of a public liberal viewpoint and media in the midst of a market already saturated with conservative talk radio, seems like intentional suppression, not merely the motive to increase profits. Combine this with just losing an election... and these may just be the first interventions to reshape a public opinion that rightfully (and with great effort I might add) just rose up and (barely) smote them.

Like the voter disenfranchisement, the technique of simply removing contrary viewpoints by excluding them, is still a practice that the Republicans have not been held accountable for, as it is the quintessence of un-American activities. Note too, that this is a central feature of fascist and corrupt nations.
All-sports channel??? Give me a break! They will not make money out of this because they have immediately lost a huge portion of their audience who does not care about sports or "if Michael Vick had a concussion". This appears to be a political decision. Droning on and on about football does not encourage me to listen, so it is hard for me to boycott the advertisers.

This is a well known progressive area. There is no reason for us not to have a progressive radio station. I can guarantee that I will NOT be listening to the Right-wing stations. Lars Larson playing his role of copying Rush just akes me physically ill.
I'm not one to buy in to conspiracy theories in the least bit, but this doesn't seem like a completely sound business decision. While it's true that KPOJ has been among the 3 or 4 lowest rated stations in town on a regular basis, under the old format the station was unique to the market with only one quasi competitor in OPB (the lowest rated station in town). Rated just ahead of KPOJ on a consistent basis are The Game and The Fan, two other all sports talk stations.

A few years ago, there was only The Fan and its ratings were reasonably high. Since The Game came in to town the market split and both stations have struggled and gone through line-up change after line-up change to get a leg up. It's not worked as pretty much everyone who was going to listen to sports talk already was and both languish toward the bottom of the pile.

The bottom line is that Portland isn't a big enough sports market to support 2 all sports stations, let alone 3 and, while it only had a very small audience under the progressive talk format the station owned that niche with an average Arbitron rating of at or just below 1. Combined, the other two stations average about a 3. It's unlikely that any significant amount of listeners will stay with KPOJ through this changes, so it's likely that the new format will simply have to compete with the Fan and the Game for their established audiences. If they all split the audience equally KPOJ would more or less maintain its audience. Considering that the Fan and the Game are both established and already have the highest rated nationally syndicated and best local hosts wrapped up, I think an even share is highly, highly unlikely -- at least for quite some time.

I do not think that it's very likely that the Romneys or some other evil conservative power broker is launching a quiet assault on progressive thinking in Portland as a result of losing the presidential election, but I do find it interesting that people in the radio industry would make a move that looks so questionable business wise. I understand that national ad buys across multiple stations can be where radio companies make a lot of their money, but knowingly making the decision to reduce ratings is an iffy proposition. Perhaps they feel they need the sports niche to land the big accounts over Entercom and Alpha Broadcasting and that might be true, I suppose.
Airwaves do not belong to the people. The FCC grants licenses to companies, be they mom-and-pop or Clear Channel, to run what they want provided they follow FCC regulations. The FCC is not in the format regulation business. Admittedly a bill was passed in the 90s, and signed by someone named Bill Clinton, that expanded corporate ownership of stations in the same market.
You or I can't just walk into a station and demand they run something we want. They bought it. They own it. They are beholden to their advertisers and stockholders. Can the government force a vegetarian restaurant to serve meat? Can the FCC demand CC bring back prog talk? In Boston CC killed off a _conservative_ talk station they owned due to
lousy ratings and billing. It's all business. And sports btw makes money because people in all kinds of age groups, etc. love it. As long as there's a demand for it, the supply will increase.

Boston has no fulltime liberal talk station, but maybe someone with money can buy one. Perhaps a certain Senator from MA who inherited a lot of money when he married the widow of a Penn. Republican senator whose husband was in the ketchup business; maybe HE can buy one and have them put it on.
No doubt Clear Channel is run by the business/marketing challenged suits in our market. They removed the only progressive radio station in a progressive town to bring us another sports channel in a town I feel is filled with sports channels? They had the market sewn up with the only act in town and they chose Beaver baseball to replace it? I could give an F about Beaver baseball or listening to any sports that is best observed by watching it and I don't waste my time doing that either. Unclear Channel a pathetic but vindictive marketing ploy.
For those who consider sports talk radio boring, you are outnumbered by a lot of people who DO like it and are willing to buy the beer, clothes, life insurance, and cars advertised on these stations. It's majority rule--they outnumber you. Just like the last election. You might have supported Romney but those who voted for Obama outnumbered you and now you must deal with it for four more years. Money talks, and sports fans outnumber you. More people care about the Super Bowl than politics it seems. And hey how about that Steeler win last night! etc
Fairness Doctrine so called is not constitutional. Even Obama said he didn't support it. It's a chilling effect on free speech and free press. How can a government step in and demand
"fairness"? Can the government tell MSNBC or NPR, "we don't think you're fair. You need to have 50 per cent conservatives on." Can the government demand equal conservative opinions in a left leaning newspaper? Can a gay-oriented radio show or station be forced to accept equal time from the Westboro Baptist Church? It is a market driven business. Whatever sells. If you force a station to change to a format that won't make money, furthermore, you are subjecting their employees to layoffs. There are even some liberal folks like David Field at Entercom who put conservative talk on--in Boston--because it makes money. If he felt that libtalk would make money at his WRKO in Boston (and they DO
run liberal talk in Buffalo, on WWKB) he would have ordered a switch to liberal talk
long ago.
Clear Channel understands one thing: MONEY. OSU is a big source for them and makes it possible for them to dump PT. Complain to OSU, as a university they "should" stand for intellectual freedom and could hold the key to bringing back PT on KPOJ and still have time to broadcast games.
feels like someone is mad that we won the election! What a bunch of crap!!! Stay away from clear channel! boycott, boycott, boycott!!
These damn right wingers show there true colors everyday of our lives! It's always about money with them. Kpoj was education fed to my mind. I was a daily listener and I learned something everyday my radio was on all day. I will be turning it off so that all these brainless twits can learn nothing about nothing! Which is all they are good for in our society. "Sports WOW" !!!!!!!!!! I want Karl, Ed, Tom, Goldman, Papintonio, and all the rest of them to come back!!!! That's why the station was doing Well! Because people were listening Stupid! Clear Station why are you fixing something that ain't broken it's making money! Stupid Move!
Clear Channel has a lop sided balance of programing from the right, out balancing the left. I'm Listening to Ed Schultz right now on a stream,he's speaking with Mike Papantonio, President of The National Trial Lawyer Association, says a group of lawyers he knows are looking into challenging the telecom act of 1996, as a result of clear channel dropping KPOJ ( and others cities progressive programming). He points out that It's clear that KPOJ WAS making money. and shifting to a market where they have to share the pie three ways is not a sound business decision. This is a prime example that this was a political decision.
This is by far the most interesting thread of comments I've read in a while. From the ploy to "stamp out democracy" to the conspiracy by Murdoch and Romney to disempower liberal talk-radio nationwide.

It’s pretty apparent that this article had 56 new Mercury readers, and all of them disliked my comment – at least now I know who supports the killing of children in Pakistan: Blue Oregon fans. Ha!
Would someone please tell me who is advertising on the new Fox Sports 620 AM station so I don't have to listen, and can boycott the advertisers?

Is this part of the Oregon Transformation Project? Remember, Clackamas County had a takeover by right-wingers as a plan of attack, with further attacks on blue Oregon planned. Did you get the glossy flyers in the mail which were so mean to Lehan and Damon as Clackamas County commissioners? (Maybe you had to live in Clackamas County.) Is the Oregonian's separation from Jack Oman related to the project? I don't go much for conspiracies, but do wonder if the pressures are pushing right.

Go Kari! Let's make noise, somehow. We need left political talk, and I miss it. I listened to Carl Wolfson every morning he was on. Maybe we can talk Thom Hartmann to come back and get another outlet going, if Clear Channel is going to go this route. Now that I think about it, I want to know what else Clear Channel owns so I can boycott that, too.
In late October KPOJ were celebrating their brand new studio. Now we know who that studio was really intended for. IMO, The only reason CC didn't pull it sooner is because they knew there would be a massive backlash before the election, esp. with the Bain connection.
We can only choose to listen from what is broadcast (unless you are tethered to a computer or have a smart phone and ear buds). Removing diversity in choice is never good and it actually has negative marketing implications - market share to the stations must be redistributed among same (sports) listeners and advertisers have less demographics to reach when choice is reduced. KPOJ listeners aren't the only ones who got bad news, so did the advertisers!

Glen Beck really got dumped when advertisers pulled out on Fox because they no longer wanted the business relationship. Radio stations must sell ad space - KPOJ should already see a revenue drop as they split market share with two other sports talk stations in the same media market and must drop ad prices thus revenue, thus profits... do advertisers really want many thousands of of others to pull out even if they might hear their ads elsewhere because they've continued their ad space on the new KPOJ, but they can buy space on other sports stations without controversy?

Clear Channel can do what they want, but so to can airwaves listeners, and the best way to speak is through directed spending from your pocketbook. Let local advertisers who buy ad space on the new KPOJ format know that you will not spend with them and will take your money elsewhere.

Right - money talks... time to vote with your pocketbook.
Not sure where Kari Chisholm got the idea that KPOJ was profitable. KPOJ has consistently LOST money since Air America went bankrupt 6 years ago. Don't believe me? Look up Clear Channel's earnings reports. It's public information, folks.

Radio is a business. Conservative demographics are older and still actually listen to radio. Liberal demographics are younger (see the 2012 election) and get their desired content from other more digital sources.

You were lucky to have KPOJ for as long as you did.
The move to sports talk, even though citing as a reason that other station with twice the power 50,000 watts vs 25,000 wats as KPOJ had higher ratings, wasn't at all for getting ratings and more ad revenue from such. It WAS political and a way to shut down the message content that threatened many other corporate entities. KLSD in San Diego was shut down a number of years back when I lived there before moving to Portland. It was the EXACT same formula that happened here, and after the shift, the new sports format ratings DROPPED from 1.6 that it had with KLSD to 0.3 for the new sports format. I expect the same thing will happen for KPOJ. One would think that a good business entity if Clear Channel is one as big as they are would have learned from that "mistake" if they were purely in this for business reasons to make ad revenue off of high ratings. The fact that they continue to play this game and that the resulting marketplace doesn't produce any gain of marketshare and ad revenue makes it very clear that their ambition isn't to gain audience, but to shut down the progressive audience! And polluting KPOJ for 8 months before with big stretches of preempted time for sports programming was in my book part of their plan to lower the ratings of KPOJ during this rating period to help them rationalize this move to help them shut down the progressive format.

89.7 I understand is a repeated signal from Eugene that was brought in to Portland to make up for a similar hole that was left as a result of another similar format change that brought us another Lars Larsen "news/talk" radio station here. If we want to bring in progressive talk, we should perhaps talk perhaps to KBBP in Coos Bay about repeating their signal up here to take back the audience from them for their ownership (NOT Clear Channel) that Clear Channel seems willing to throw away for their monopolistic political purposes. Perhaps Carl could be brought back on a local move to provide a local show to serve all of western Oregon, not just the greater Portland area.
@Mike: So Clear Channel's plan was to run an unprofitable progressive talk station for 6 years that included TWO polarizing elections.

In the last year, Clear Channel Portland has inked two deals with major sports entities: Beavers and Blazers. Never mind that KEX has a long history with both of these franchises. As a BUSINESS, Clear Channel has decided to change their model in Portland and battle for sports ratings. This fact is most clear when you consider that both the Blazers and Beavers football will still air on KEX. The first hour of Coast To Coast AM will continue to be pre-empted for post game coverages. Coast To Coast is only the #1 night time radio show, in the world.

But, people love conspiracies and theories. Clear Channel will gladly take any free publicity you have to offer.
Personally, I feel like sitting around a camp fire and holding hands with all of you as we smile and sing.


Just remember: It will get better if we just hope it gets better.
Hey fidelity_axiom, why don't you get a bunch of your foul-smelling friends together and bust up a few more bank storefronts. That always works!
Don't put words in my mouth, I advocate for assassination, not broken windows.

And the only time I went within ten feet of occupy is because one of the veterans dragged me there while I was drunk. Fuck those hippies.
To the Writer-

KXL is not a Clear Channel station. It is owned by alpha broadcasting.
KPOJ was good for the area, I have listened for over 5 years and it has kept me informed about the issues. But Wolfson himself was a bit abrasive, and ignorant of many minority issues. He was in a habit of talking over his co-hosts. I usually listened to KPOB while Wolfson was on the air. Hartmann, Rhoades and Schultz, Goldman and others were and are much better. I will have to access their shows now through my smartphone.
There's this little thing called the internet, with podcasts and such. I pay a small amount of money directly to the podcasters I would like to listen to. I can listen to them on my schedule, even in my car. The production costs are fairly low compared to running a radio station. Hoping Carl Wolfson begins his own soon...
Check out this clip of Mike Papantonio talking about KPOJ and the possibility of a challenge to the Tele communications act, from today's Ed Schultz show, he discusses KPOJ...

Papantonio: Corporate Media Trying To Kill Progressive Radio
Just what we need....another sports talk station. Look, I love sports as much as the next guy. But over saturation is not worth losing our progressive haven. Outrageous
I was appalled to wake up yesterday morning to the sound of football jabber; thought it was a bad dream at first.
When I discovered online that KPOJ has been re-invented by FOX, I immediately assumed political response to the successes last Tuesday.
I had never before listened to Talk Radio, but I've been waking up weekdays with KPOJ since the days of Al Franken, then Thom Hartmann. Carl Wolfson has impressed me so much with his broad knowledge, his compassionate viewpoint, and his quirky sense of humour. His show has been a daily resource for learning about national issues and particularly local political and social concerns...since I gave up on the Oregonian long ago...also learning about authors in town, new books and performances I might want to check out, etc. All presented with an energy much more conducive to waking up and getting out the door than the more "don't wake the baby" tones of other local liberal voices.
A boycott might make you feel good just like a petition, but how effective are they really?
We Progressives in Portland should buy our own radio station "Green bay packer style"( the fans own the team). If a radio station with a. 1 share can be self sustaining without capital costs, I would buy some shares in it with no expectation of any return on investment except for pride of ownership. If you are willing to put time and money into elections why not this.
1 . Get Norman Goldman to help start a LLC or corp.
2. Identify a radio station to buy and get a sales agreement on it.
3. Sell shares in it to raise money for the purchase. Legally donations probably .
4. If there are any profits, use it to boost or repeat signal or buy more stations.
I realize this is not a perfect plan, but I would greatly appreciate more input and ideas if anyone has any. please email me,
Lets do it. Rees Underdahl
What I find interesting is what happened is very similar to what Thom was rallying against, Clear Channel has ,in effect, "sent the jobs to china'. The radio station was making money but they just wanted more. It was just a buisness decision for them nothing more. they don't care about the people involved,they just want more money. They should be just as ashamed of themselves as people who ACTUALLY send jobs to china.
I think I am at such odd with everyone here because I have never seen the value of liberal-propaganda. And don't mistake KPOJ "Progressive Talk Radio" as anything but propaganda: after all, it's owned by Clear Channel, and if their conspiring to radicalize the Right Wing, then they're equally conspiring to dumb-down the Left Wing. So, don't shed any more tears people (and please stop emailing me!)

We now live in the digital INTERNET age, and we can source information from thousands of *non-Clear Channel* owned media outlets. Ask your grandkids what a "Podcast" is, how to put it on an iPod, and then ask them how you can listen to it in your Prius. You can actually plug in your mobile phone into your car and listen to internet radio anywhere you go. You could probably find an internet radio station that consists 24/7 of Michael Moore snarling about Donald Rumsfeld and Rupert Murdoch! It’s out there somewhere on the internet!

That's how you're going to get a real education, and how you'll actually stay on top of legitimate news. Clear Channel is just going to lie to you, DUH!

Also, don't we still have NPR and KBOO?
Hahaha you are so funny fidelity.. How witty and intelligent you are. You are so amazing and wonderful.. You must be hit at the orgy's with you big fat juicy mouth to suck all those dicks. I suggest you do that and stfu :P
I will miss KPOJ and hope we find a way to bring progressive talk back to Portland. But in the mean time - go get Sirus/AM and then you will have several options that will bring back almost all the progressive talkers. I have had for quite some time and got it when I moved to Bend. Being back here in Portland I had thought about dropping it... Thankfully I did not..
I even can listen to XM on line, so I am only missing Karl and Rhandi..
Hilarious Boob Nelson! Yes, how could the government step in a create fariness? Not like that has ever happened.. What's that? It did? Voting Rights Act of 1964? Obviously, you are a fucking idiot and should leave the comments for people who don't have a tbi. you stupid fat fuck.. How much do you weigh anyway like 3 hundy? Fat fucking retard.
It's business as usual by corporate radio. The "shocked" listeners who can't believe their favorite station is gone need to grow up. The whining is naive at best, and the conspiracy theories ridiculous. And for what, it's AM Radio for crying out loud! Who listens to AM radio in 2012? Sports fans more than anybody. CC made a business decision. Corporate radio destroyed the medium in the 90s when all this started. KPOJ is not coming back, no matter how many petitions you sign or who you boycott. You are wasting your energy. Grow up.

If you want liberal radio, start your own station. Pool together and create community radio. But Carl ain't going to work for free on community radio! He's a pro, he knows the deal. Most radio people wouldn't work for Clear Channel in the first place. He knew what he was getting into, and it lasted longer than he could have imagined. The ride was good, it's over, move on. And yes, it's propaganda just as much on the left, and these lefties who can't accept life on life's terms, as in a business decision, are really annoying.
Would point out one error in the article. Clear Channel DOES NOT OWN KXL and never has.