Nobody Wants to Direct Star Wars :(


If no one wants to do it they should get TV's Vincent Caldoni. He's got skills to pay the bills!
Lars Von Trier.
Fuck it, I'll direct it.
As long as it's not Michael Bay. Dear God...
Not many could do worse than Lucas himself when he directed the prequels.
I don't really care. I can genuinely name 100 directors I would be perfectly happy directing these movies, so long as this person does not have to hear a word from George Lucas.
Looks like a job for Joss Whedon (that is, to have his name as the director until they feel like hiring someone who isn't such a prominent role in a niche genre of film). See; The Avengers
It's obvious who should direct:…
I pray who ever it is, goes back and watch Star Wars New Hope - Return of the Jeti and take notes. So the next movie will have the same feel, charm, humor, action and so on.

I was 7 when I first seen the first movie and to this day I love watching the first 3 over and over, was and am not a fan of the newest 3 they did, the first had bad CGI and they were a little slow to me.
I am building a new social networking site and adding a section dedicated to Star War Fans of all kinds From the new generation to the older fans and for my son, a section or a sub section for Clone War Fans.
You can upload videos and music to share (no downloading).