Cyril's/Clay Pigeon Winery, The Cheesemaker's Apprentice, and A $1,000 Piece of Cheddar


After reading the mercury revue of the Wurst I am shocked, literally shocked that this review does not also contain a paragraph or two about how horrible it is for a cheese bar to not have a vegan menu. What are they thinking...
You must have misread that Wurst review, econoline.
Did I read this part wrong: "Named for their only menu offerings—exactly nine different kinds of sausages (not a single one of them veggie-friendly)—"

Or this other part: "but there are odd or misdirected choices being made that could alienate future clientele. For example, surely they realize that Sizzle Pie is a minute down the street with vegan and vegetarian options galore... yet the Wurst offers chicken sausage as it's least meaty feature. Personally, it's a toss-up at 1 am between a slice and a hotdog, but it's a rare occasion when not even a single concert-companion has a dietary restriction. "

The review of the Wurst was ridiculous, it is a great bar and of course a bar whose menu is all bratwurst isn't catering to vegans. Good to see that by the time they got around to reviewing a Cheese themed restaurant that the mercury figured out that it didn't need to spend 1/3 of the review going off about how hard it would be on vegans... I hope this trend continues, otherwise we will probably soon see a half page on how someone on the caveman diet hates the newest vegan restaurant in town.