Nick Fish Explains Lone "No" Vote on Northwest Parking Meters


Off street parking garages are already approved, no one is building them because due to all the on street parking being underpriced it doesn't make financial sense to build them. The mayors plan is a reasonable way to fix the parking issue, the biggest problems with it are it doesn't charge enough and it gives away way too much parking too cheaply to residents.
@ Econoline, not entirely true. The neighborhood has successfully fought off-street garages for years, and the sites that remain where garages are allowed are not economically efficient. It doesn't really have to do with the "cost of on-street parking", but more to do with the cost of building each structured space and not being able to cover that cost. There are developers ready and willing to build them but they are currently prohibited from the sites that would make the most sense for garages, both from an economic and neighborhood perspective. The real response needs to balance these two out.