The Portland Business Alliance Wants Salem to Help Clear Homeless People from City Sidewalks


We should use taxpayer dollars to just give them each a free house and then supply them with booze and drugs. That would be truly tolerant and caring, because they are clearly all victims.

PS: there is not majority support in Portland for either a real estate transfer tax or a local sales tax.
And why in the Hell would Salem step in to address Portland's homeless problem???
Because a state law is blocking the remedy Portland is trying to implement.
Making it illegal to be homeless unless you stay in constant motion isn't actually a remedy, Blabby.
I sympathize with that problem, xauen. I just don't reflexively dismiss business concerns. Maybe the reason they constantly say it's bad for business is not because they are part of some capitalist conspiracy, but because it's actually bad for business. Most businesses downtown are very small businesses like boutiques and one-off restaurants.

Downtown Portland is often unpleasant, and many larger cities seem to not have as large or visible a problem as we do. New York City is cleaner than Portland. Anti-loitering laws don't have to mean that homeless people have to keep moving all day. They can be more carefully written than that.

Progressive Portland thinks that being tolerant and nice to people means having zero expectations and letting them do whatever they want. That isn't caring.
I'm as bleeding heart liberal as they get but something needs to be done.