So you want to force everyone to take "diversity training" classes? Go fuck yourself. This is why people who support you still find you to be assholes. Because a few ignorant folks exist now EVERYONE has to take time out of their day to take your bullshit 'diversity training' courses? You're doing more harm than good for your movement.
Human rights may require a hour or two of someone's day.
It's just sad you think this "diversity training class" will do anything positive. Bill Burr has a good bit on domestic violence segments on TV, as though any woman beater is going to see these segments and go "oh, gee, I guess I was totally wrong! I'll stop now, sorry honey!"

This group's intentions may be good but the execution is piss poor and will put a lot of people off. Don't denigrate every straight person by arrogantly assuming we don't care about your cause and then demand we allot our time "training" ourselves on something we already know. All you're doing is building up resentment.
Hey arenit/st. john'srules,
A diversity training class won't do any good with you b/c anyone as violently, prematurely opposed to such a thing is beyond reproach, an asshole and shoud be the one to fuck off. Don't denigrate other straight people by thinking we all bristle whenever there's an LBGTQ protest. That's solely on you (and perhaps other self-hating closet cases). Also, you couldn't be more detached from the context. Are you a UP student? Faculty? Have you ever been? Have you ever been to college? These are are college students on a small campus. Free-floating trolls are not their concern (sadly, that's never the converse though). Also, you are not worthy of invoking Bill Burr. Stop it. Thanks.

Growing up and realizing it's time to start acting like an adult is sometimes hard, but eventually we all should at least try. Even you, arenit.
As usual, you can't debate on the facts so you resort to just shouting "troll". Again, this is why people support your cause but not certain self righteous individuals in it.
I'm sure there would be an argument on the facts, Arenit... if you actually bothered to bring any facts to the table. So far your arguments are based in subjective rhetoric. Until you can present the facts relating to your argument, the troll comment stands
I don't get it. What else do you people expect from a Catholic school?! The key word is 'CATHOLIC', folks, as in people who believe in virgin births, vengeful and homophobic (yet simultaneously all-loving and completely magnanimous, somehow) gods and demigods, and who think that the pope is anything north of an out-of-touch codger with blue-balls who was (and is) complicit in countless cases of pederasty.

Complaining about unfair treatment of LGBTQ folks in places like that is tantamount to whining about the treatment of cows in a slaughterhouse.

If you want to stop the horrible shit that goes down in slaughterhouses, then you probably shouldn't eat meat. If you want equal rights for gays/queers in religious institutions, quit believing in Santa Claus and go to a real school.

Now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to go protest the use of metal in a metal factory...
So...just to get back to the point, these students didn't say anything about "diversity trainings." There is absolutely nothing in the article or petition about that. They want their school to officially adopt a policy inclusive of protections for LGBTQ people, which doesn't seem too much to ask, even if they are Catholic. The statement by their president shows it's something that should be explicitly included. They're also a university, and educated people are supposed to be smarter than bigotry.
ERN: watch the youtube video if you missed the part about diversity training courses.

Yes, preach to the converted. That's really what I want you to waste my time with.
Question is: Would such training be mandatory? Would EVERY student and staff have to take them? I've seen nothing that even suggests it.
One way to solve the problem is for the community not to financially support the "university", and for students to switch schools. Keep in mind, they once had a policy of blaming a rape victim for violating underage drinking as the cause of her rape. Google University of portland rape and see for yourself...

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