Weekend Theater Pick: Mother Teresa Is Dead


Re: Hand2Mouth on Left Hand of Darkness

That sounds fuckin' neato. Count me in.
Also, you know what, I love theater and dance and art. I want to, love to support local performance. But as someone of modest income it is so frustrating that art is a luxury that I usually cannot afford. Previews for this show are nil, so a night out with the wife will run me ~$65. It doesn't look like there's any "pay what you can" nights.

It is an injustice that art remains inaccessible to the public at large not because it is inscrutable, but because there are income barriers that don't make financial sense for the average person. Chicago Art Institute is free every Thursday evening. MOMA is free every Friday night. The wonderful Portland Art Museum is free to the public for a grand total of four hours each month.

(Please note that I'm not asking for a handout or free tickets here. This is an actual thing I have strong feelings about.)
I hear ya, C&B—I am very aware of the fact that it's my job to review shows that I couldn't afford to pay to see. I'll make more of an effort to stay on top of posting info about pay-what-you-will and preview nights from here out.

That said, Portland Playhouse did sell 1/2 price tickets to their preview shows through MercPerks. There's post5 and Miracle tickets up for grabs there now: http://portland.altperks.com/Shop