The Pope Doesn't Understand the Point of Atheists


Or, Paul, you could accept it as, you know, an olive branch and a way of letting Catholics know that all humans are in this together. But, take it however you want, I guess.
Paul, most religions have convinced their followers that people are not capable of altruism without believing in The Sky Daddy. While he might have done it in Catholic Speak, the pope just said we aren't scary, amoral monsters.

So it's a good thing. Sheesh.
What about the rapers of 5-year-olds, Pope? Are they "children of God of the first class"? What do they have to do to get demoted to the second class? Maybe if the kid they were raping is the same gender as them? I imagine that, if we must rape a child, God would rather us rape one of the opposite gender, no? Tell us more, Pope.
pretty edgy stuff there paul. next thing you're going to want mom to drop you off a block away from the concert.
Paul Constantly complaining about religion never gets old.
Although La Papa does raise a probably unintentional question: who are the children of god of the second and third class?
Scientologists? Jains?
This just means that devout Catholics will need to pony up more money for masses and indulgences to get the souls of the likes of me out of Purgatory.
It's a real sad day when Dr. Evil has to check you on your rants, Paul.
In related news, many "atheists" have never heard of this "Pope" character.