BREAKING: State Public Health Director to Step Down


"This is really unrelated."

And if you believe that, I have some top shelf fluoridated water to sell you that cures baldness, lets blind children see and will achieve world peace.
Well, well, well.
"Oregon's public health director is leaving the position, amid a threatened lawsuit and accusations the agency colluded with pro-fluoride advocates on the release of an oral health report."

Let's not forget that Clean Water Portland is calling for a Department of Justice investigation of OHA due to it's relationship with the pro-fluoride lobby group, Upstream Public Health. OHA allegedly aided the lobby group in forming their talking points, distributed campaign yard signs and perhaps much more. I wonder who will be the next to resign ay Upstream?
Oh NOW the Mercury reports on collusion and shady dealings by the fluoridation chemical supporters... Way to jump on the bandwagon dudes.
Sounds like he's gettin' while the gettin's good.
What's that analogy about small rodents exiting a partially submerged marine vessel en massse?
Me thinks the anti fluoride people think far too much of themselves.