Airing of Grievances: KBOO Staffers Formally Agree to Form Union


Not really completely on the topic here but I love community radio. I like left-leaning talk radio. I like the "controversial, unpopular, and neglected" voices usually heard on independent small radio stations like KBOO... BUT KBOO kind of sucks. I rarely ever listen to it because the hosts drone on and on and seem as though they don't understand you need to package your ideas in an easily digestable audio package. I've been around the country and I always seek out similar radio stations and it has to be one of the worst in this genre, which is just an embarassment for a place like Portland.

Seems like every time I give it a shot I am itching to change the channel after 5 minutes. I do enjoy the few music programs they have.

So maybe yet another leadership change will help steer KBOO into more intriguing waters. I'm not sure if this union will help or hurt their listenability in my ears but good for the workers anyhow.
Oh, the drama.
So first we get a story about 7 jobs being outsourced, now 9 jobs being unionized.

I'm sorry the 7 lost their jobs and the 9 are having problems with management, but this seems like some pretty small potatoes shit you're serving up, news-wise.
@ sueno Community Radio isn't about packaged newsbytes. Some of the public affairs programming isn't great, but some of it is top notch. Amy Goodman and Davey D who take up 3 hours a weekday of programming are award-winning journalists, for instance.

The morning call-in shows are way better than the weak platitudes of Think OutLoud on OPB. (Talk about droning)

As far as music, The Melting Pot is exceptional.

Remember, it's all volunteer radio, so some people are still learning.
"A management representative was quoted as responding, 'K-BOOOOOOOOOOOO.'"
See now, CC, I disagree. KBOO's such a bizarre and strange and charming relic of old Portland. The layoffs and the union fight interest me as evidence of a difficult culture change in an institution still hanging on despite being born in a far different era.
I'm sure the KBOO corporate coffers are flush with cash since it has been non-union for so long that they'll have no trouble meeting all the union's demands. Great business model they have....
"Change is hard"--yeah, losing your job along with every single co-worker, in order to institute a guaranteed-to-fail fundraising plan, that's hard. Every KBOO staffer would be on the street right now if that plan had not been thwarted. And now, the Staff have to work with the one that tried to sack all of them. This really is about a culture change, and if that were not true, we would not have seen so many snarky jabs at the Left emanating form management--i.e. "not just for communists anymore" (as if it ever was) at the Laurelhurst, a T-shirt listing every pejorative directed at the Left for 40 years, or the "Fruits, Nuts and Flakes" title of the pancake breakfast tomorrow. So Monday, June 3rd, at 6PM, at the KBOO station at 20 SE 8th, that corporate-friendly minority on the Board is going to get an earful.