The Day a Naked Man Came to Clean My House


I just dipped my entire laptop into a vat of Purell.
All those knives on the wall would give me major shrinkage.
I gave my boyfriend a gift certificate for their cleaning services for Christmas last year! They are awesome!
A guy with a lucha mask as his icon going out of his way to say "I hate seeing man-flesh" is pretty damned hilarious.
I do have a question for our female commenters. If this were a naked-lady cleaning service, would that be OK?
@Todd -- I'd have no problem with lady cleaners, as long as they have no problem with it and are paid/treated well.
is he on pcp while doing this? and is he cut or uncut?
Ginger Cub as a friend has been helping me clean & organize my apartments/home in the 20+ years I have known him. He LOVES to clean and I am so glad he found this fun & frisky job. He is a good friend, my high school prom date & he sang at my wedding. You could not ask for a nicer, funnier guy to help you tidy up!