Portland Cop Threatening to Sue Because "Lesser-Qualified Females" Promoted First


Macho might sue because women promoted? This'll have legs on the web, might make the Daily Mail by the weekend.
Macho, indeed. The only more appropriate name for him would be Kevin D. Bagg. (The "D" stands for douche). Is it really inconceivable to Macho that there are people (who may or may not have a vagina) more qualified for a promotion than him?
Dude, they are just not that into you.
This guy makes my blood boil. I sat on a jury in a trial in which he testified, and his demeanor was so cocky and dismissive. He was practically snickering the entire time - in a case where he was testifying over whether he and other officers used excessive force. I think all six of us wanted to smack him.
Won't somebody think of the white men?
Yes, please waste more of our money, PPB. Why don't you just come over to my house, I'll cut you a check, and then you can shoot me.
If his accusations are in fact true, I'd be pissed too.
Now, if he just wasn't as good as the women cops and they deserved it more than he....