"This Is Not About Homelessness," Mayor Hales Says. "It's About Lawlessness."


(words you cant say about mayors of major cities on a public blog)
It's hard to find land? Apparently not for corporate development.
It's hard to find free or cheap land, George, especially if it needs to be close to services (e.g., downtown).
We could tear down the PBA offices and put a shelter in its place. Two birds, one stone.
I think they should let the homeless live downtown as long as they agree to have their bodies, shopping carts, and cardboard boxes shrink wrapped in the logos and slogans of local businesses.

"Is that a Macy's star shooting heroin in that doorway?"

"I don't know but I'm pretty sure that Trimet stop just lit a crack pipe..."

Now that's killing two birds with one stone.
Duh are you say that everybody that do drugs on the street , in front on doors way or at bus stops are Homeless. BIG DUH that shows how much you know. Homeless people know where to go. they live on the streets . Man do you need to be educated. You must the the kind that hide behind doors doing drugs on the inside and then point your finger at the homeless people. You're very sad.
Regarding that lower photo to the right, I was there (in the pic actually) and caption "More police contact on SW 4th. No one was arrested." Yes - no one was arrested - because they had simply been told to move what was on the sidewalk - the only reason it was there was because the landscapers came and then they had to turn on the water after they finished trimming. They (workers) warned people and so they moved things to the street until it was finished - which was just about the time Mayor Hales was to speak - then a cop car drove up and told them to clear it - which they did (I was there) and they moved their things back in the TS Plaza, which is legal. I see several assumptions within this article, but perhaps I heard things differently - I'll have to watch the video I made of this talk.
@Ibrahaim: I'll have you know that I'm a middle class white guy, I can do my drugs in public and the police ignore me.

Hales's campaign of "Move Along" is just fucking dumb. It's not going to work, but I guess he's gotta kowtow to the PBA after they backed his candidacy. Even though it's now clear that he didn't need any help from anyone to win (fucking thanks a ton Jefferson).
of course this will not work, "move along laws" and "sweeps" have never worked.
repeating the same action over and over again and expecting a different result is just silly.
Charlie Hales can go fuck himself.


D'ya hear?
Good job Charlie. Keep it up.
Yes well, Mayor of London Boris Johnson can go suck a banger sausage on the Tower Bridge--how ya like those apples, his Lordship Sir Matthew Charles Davis the IV?

I don't why I feel this way about the Mayor of London though as I keep my bloody nose out of what's going on in a city I don't live in thousands of miles across the pond.

So piss off you wanker, unless you want to take a 'oliday back in the city that you ever so gracefully blessed us years ago with your journalistic presence--in which case your British pounds are welcome in our strip clubs and Thai restaurants...
@Matty Chuck: How do you really feel about Mayor Hales?
It's not about the homeless, it's about lawlessness, says the Mayor as he moves to criminalize the homeless. What a disingenuous piece of shit. And these street kids that everyone thinks should be driven out or locked up? Are people aware that the vast majority are run aways from horribly abusive situations, often times from the foster system? These kids have no where to go and are the most vulnerable population out on the streets. That they're treated like scum by the cops and the city because they're bad for business is reprehensible.
"Are people aware that the vast majority are run aways from horribly abusive situations, often times from the foster system?"

As are a fair amount of all violent criminals. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated as criminals.

It's pretty strange, even for Portland, that a very reasonable request of not having having homeless reside in front of city hall or in large drug-infested encampments is met with "Hales is criminalizing the homeless!"
Rob Banks- Disingenuous piece of shit? Hardly. WW did a story this week about some chick that is sleeping down there with her 3 year old. She claims that they, meaning her and the small child with her, are choosing to be homeless. Aparrently a 3 year old is living as a bum because that is the choice she made for the both of them, and she claims that they have never been happier. Right, and Hales is the piece of shit.
Kids living on the streets are far more likely to be victims of violent crime rather than perpetrators of it. If you want to target violent criminals, why don't you start with the Police Department?
I think 'Homelessness' is the chosen profession of many, if not most, of these folks.
Good Job Charlie.
@ill, I read that article too and was appalled by that dumbass chick too.
Hales and most of City Council are whores to the Portland Business Alliance and should be recalled. We might let Amanda stay, but the rest are FUBAR. I think I might have to move away. I hate to watch the demise of a once progressive city. Ya'll enjoy your graft & boondoggles and keep persecuting the poor. I wish my kids had not chosen to move here.
@Ill Paxton, she has a right to make such a choice. I do not think it is a good one for someone with such a small child, but it is not for me to judge. I think they (WW) cherry picked for that piece, but that story really made me question such a choice