Bioswales Outside the Portland Building? Maybe by October


"Why bioswales at all, you might be asking?"

You mean, besides the fact that it's so fun to say "bioswales"? Bioswales. Bioswales? Bioswales. Fucking bioswales, man!

Ranks right up there with "sequestration", "Djibouti", and "obsequious".
Yeah, can't argue against bioswales!
I call bullshit on this notion that bioswales save the city money.
Prove it Denis.
Let's not forget the huge Big Pipe project (what was it called?) that sent our water rates sky high - it is supposed to easily handle all the runoff water.
I think the cute idea of bioswales is no longer needed.
There has to be a cheaper way to get rid of the bums in front of city hall.