PSU Faculty Union Protests Budget Cuts


Hey, maybe the should go protest cuts to education funding in Salem. That would be more likely to do anything at all.
@ Graham, The problem is that the university administration is who dictates where the money they get goes. The fact that we have had to recently pass a law to show what the ratio of managers to staff is, and how hard it was fought against by the administrative staff shows that there is a problem with bloat. It's suspect to me that those holding the keys to the money also get to decide what they are paid.
"Fixed term faculty" refers to full-time instructors and researchers who are not eligible for tenure. At PSU the recent practice has been to inform all such employees proactively (shortly before Christmas) that their nine-month contract will not be renewed the following academic year. In effect they are fired in advance and then rehired a matter of months before the new academic year starts. Some fixed-term faculty have held the same position at PSU for decades. The PSU administration refuses to even consider that such faculty be given a modicum of job security, such as a two-year contract. Their rationale? "Flexibility." Few members of the public realize that university instructors have no job security and falsely assume they are all tenure protected. I am a fixed-term instructor at PSU.
Let me add this to the article, international students like myself are getting the bad end of the deal with the departments.

If you think most students are having a hard time with the school. think again. Each department in the school has been working on milking international students like no tomorrow.
I wish I never attended PSU, it made my life a nightmare. Incompetence is the essense of this school.
It's disgusting how much the PSU "administrators" are paying themselves. They're only using the university for their own perverse cash cow. Wiewel (PSU president) and Andrews (PSU Provost) should not receive their bloated salaries.

Instead, we should introduce a "maximum" salary at PSU (just as we have a minimum salary) to curb this disgusting corruption.