"We Just Want to Have a Little Chat about the Play, Go Home, and Die in Our Sleep": Introducing Whizz-Bang!


"...fun, irreverent, not taking my company too seriously, and occasionally producing comedy, sketch, movie adaptations, and musical serials. But I want to attack the work with amazing teams of artists, talent running all the way through, from the director to the design team, to the actors."

This sounds a lot like a little theater company that didn't make Mr. Murray's list: Action/Adventure. And also, in many respects, Bad Reputation. These companies (ahem, I'm an Action/Adventure company member) are making the kind of theater that Murray is describing and moreover they are doing it mostly through ticket sales alone.

I agree with a lot of what he's talking about and it is good to know there are more theater makers popping up that want to change the current model of the art form.
Noah! Action/Adventure's success was part of the Genesis of my entire theatrical mission. What you guys have accomplished is impossible to ignore. Which is exactly what we all should be doing. It was a clear oversight to my list. As is bad reputation. These companies are quietly dominating, and i, for one, have taken notice.
Well shucks Chris, that's nice of you to say. We should talk about putting on a festival or some kind of interdisciplinary event that highlights these values and the companies that are dreaming up these changes.