XRAY.FM Is Killing It


Thanks, Marjorie! Here is a link to our new video for easy access! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/4023949/xrayfm-the-little-station-with-big-ideas/posts

Amy D.
Outreach Director
Sounds great! My favs will be Carl Wolfson, Carla Axtman, Jefferson Smith, and the Lund Report!
It's a little disheartening to learn that the actual FM signal will be only 8 watts, and that there seems to be more of a focus of creating a venue than a stronger signal, aka a bona fide radio station. I can get behind an internet radio station, but I doubt an "Internet radio station kickstarter" would be able to rally $80k. I was behind the idea of XRAY and excited for the prospect of new radio in this town, but given the range I doubt I'll ever hear it. I do hope this is just the beginning and that XRAY is successful, but I kind of feel misdirected by the campaign.

Also disappointed to find out that they're not starting off with any kind of real signal. Here's hoping they boost it before it's too late.
Wow! Thanks to Marjorie for the blog love!

To people concerned about the signal: Actually, the license that we are holding goes up to 100 watts (and we are also working on ways to get it boosted ASAP). We are working hard every day to get the signal out to the largest area possible. We will be streaming all of our content online as well. Thanks for the concern, we also want to get XRAY.fm out to as many people as possible in radio land.

<3 XRAY.fm
Sometimes you have to start small in order to get a project off the ground, if they succeed and are supported then I am sure they will boost the signal.

Portland is dying for something like this.

I'm behind XRAY 100%