'Federal Dollars' how do they work? That is my, and your money. How about they pay for their own shit?
If all the apartments in town have to lay out tens of thousands for seismic refits, rents are going to jump up pretty drastically. They already seem high to me, but that's probably just me turning into a geezer.
I like to imagine the 'newsroom' there at the Merc --
Humphrey yelling at (of course) Nathan "Novick is talking Earthquakes, Gilles, GET ON IT, NOW!"

"If it bleeds, it leads folks!"
So why does the City of Portland issue permits for homeowners to finish their basements for extra living space without requiring a retrofit? Once the basement is framed and finished it is significantly more expensive to retrofit. The present policy doesn't make sense.
You make it sound so romantic! This is what it's really like:

Humphrey: "Zzzzzzzzzz...snort! HUH? WHAT?? There's an EARTHQUAKE?!? Oh! Oh. Nathan's doing a blog post about earthquakes? Well, if it bleeds, it leadzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz."
insurance companies should cover it as a preexisting condition

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