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So disingenuous in so many ways. I guess it's proof that people who are LGBT really are no different from anyone else; they have the same capacity to be corrupted and bought. The diversity many of us cheered when Kotek took the gavel, has become the same-old same-old ; politicians doing the work of narrow interests that feed their careers, while ignoring what is truly best for the whole constituency.
Kotek is deaf to her constituents. The Cully Association of Neighbors along with others officially opposed the CRC project, but you wouldn't know it from listening to her.
"When the Washington Legislature failed to [...] hold up their end of the bargain"

Guess they didn't see it as a bargain. Neither did many taxpayers or the drivers who would've been paying tolls (or using I-205 to avoid them). Let's move on.
I guess I was ignorant in assuming Kotek was against this bridge.
Sooner or later another bridge will have to be built.
Washington State must be chipping in too though, even if they don't like the idea of light rail, which is my understanding was a problem for local politicians in the Couv.
Most, if not all, the arguments against another bridge are completely foolish.
Especially so-called green reasons.
We still don't know exactly how the autos and trucks of the future will be powered, but what we do know is that the population of this area will continue to grow, far beyond what the planners of the current bridges ever imagined.
Also, to attack Kotek for this, as if by her being gay should mean her blind submission to what many other LGBT folks think, shows a complete lack of vision.
Politicians are Politicians, regardless of sexuality.
To expect otherwise is beyond ignorant, torridjoe.
"When the Washington Legislature failed to [...] hold up their end of the bargain"
~~~>It was Oregon that said light rail or no bridge so which government would not compromise?
They would be building that bridge today if not for Oregon.