Micah Camden is fully erect right now.

Is Portland going to have a post-recession recession when all these apartments open at once, the land becomes overvalued and everyone leaves? Or are we just going to keep becoming San Francisco?
We'll never be San Francisco, but we could be more like Seattle. Fully commodified upper-middle-class yuppified "eclecticism."
"he expects the building will include 27 to 30 apartments"

Just enough to not build parking!
Ugh, though only because Remmer!

Also, does this signal the beginning of the end for PDX's lerv affair with cart pods? Because the time has clearly come where the land is worth more than the carts can pay.

Gentrify this, bitches.
Aren't food carts on wheels?
This sucks! There are new apartment complexes going up all over Portland and the Metro area....and no parking!
Fuck me, that's like the original food cart location and Pyro Pizza is the best in town. And we certainly don't need another ugly new apartment building on SE Hawthorne, that's for sure...
As if that intersection weren't already irritating enough...
Blabby's right. We're being Seattlefied. I lived there when it began to transition and this is exactly what the early stages look like. :( :(
This is a parking lot 12 blocks from downtown with great transit access just blocks from neighborhood bike routes. Where else are we SUPPOSED to put housing?
Yeah, TSW. I was there when the transition was in full swing, and this reminds me of it. Sadly it was one of the reasons we moved, and here it is again.
"Retire on my Bitcoin money," he said. "Maybe move to Detroit."
The Cartopia crew is 100% committed to making the time we have left as amazingly awesome as we can. We're gonna blow this summer out. Maybe it'll be like Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo and we'll get a last minute stay by a wealthy benefactor.
Mike Tyson, that dude is pretty smart.
I grew up in the Division neighborhood and it really sucks. Found a spot near where I grew up that was about 300/month when I moved back to Portland. Now I'm being forced to leave in about 9 days so that I can become a condo.

So long SE Portland.


A condo.
The awesome thing about carts is that carts are mobile.... Change is constant, change is inevitable.

Welp, guess it's time to move to Vancouver.
This is pretty damn depressing. The food carts are one of the iconic markers of Portland. What will my husband beg me to eat, (despite my frequent misgivings,) if we pave over our sacred food carts?
There are other parking loss in se Portland...
No one is forcing out food carts. They just have to move to a different pod. But if we don't have higher housing supply, no one will be able to afford to live here. We desperately need more housing, or rents will be San Francisco-esque.
Guys, the rental market is insane. People can't find places to live. My rent has gone up, like, 35% in the past 5 years.

Bitch all you want about becoming Seattle or whatever, but if you don't have a better solution for meeting housing demand, I can't see any reason to take your complaints seriously.
If you miss "old portland" so much, move to gresham
Yeah, anybody who wants to get some cheap rent please come keep Parkrose weird with me (also keep the meth fiends, I mean uhhh "white walkers" beyond the "wall" aka the train tracks north of Sandy Blvd). People have babies out here it's weird. Please send food carts and a coffee shop that is not a bikini barista or Sbux.
Cartopia = THE cart pod. I wouldn't care as much if it was any other pod, honestly. Hopefully they will all be able to relocate, maybe around The Row superpod area? Half of them are already there anyway. Make it a superduperpod?
There's nothing wrong with Gresham or Vancouver; when I was a kid you didn't want to pass Rhone going North if I remember correctly in SE, and the Aladdin wasn't a music venue back then. They just had a movie called "Deep Throat" which I wasn't supposed to see (still haven't seen it Mom and Dad.) I moved away at 18 to Madison where everything was set in stone: The food carts were on campus, the main drag was expensive (more expensive than almost any place in SE or NE or really anywhere else in Portland) for a studio so I lived in a co-op, and when I moved back here I loved that experience of getting affordable food without much of the wait and the social interaction was fun, especially at Cartopia at 4 in the morning, probably too drunk to remember that I ordered it.

Thing is, when I was growing up here (and correct me if I'm wrong people who have been here longer) my Brooklyn neighborhood was kind of the first place new "transplants" were moving into. It was cheap for artists and musicians (for context I live right across the street from what used to be the Brooklyn skate park) I'm fine with evicting/pricing out the riff raff artists like myself who like to accidentally wake up parents who have big boy/girl jobs, because I'll need to talk to a doctor some day I'm sure, but getting rid of that food cart pod is removing a big part of the cultural dichotomy that made this neighborhood a desirable place for young families in the first place. So to all you parents with a baby in the "Slayer" onesie who liked to pet the goats or have easy access to a free skatepark or french fries within stumbling distance to home on your night out: Y'all been fucked.
The douche wave is the inevitable follow up of the creative neighborhood. Your artist move in cause they are broke and it's cheap, trust fund kids playing artist follow. Ten years later, mister dumbass designer jeans is standing in line for an hour for brunch on a weekday. I am headed to The Dalles, I am sure the Patagonia kerchief wearing assholes will be right on my tail.
Thank you, city council, and thank you supporters of incumbents, for supporting Wally Remmer is his quest to suck all the personality and coolness out of Portland. Thank you Little Big Burger too, for moving into new architectural abortions in gentrified areas. Thank you bars who serve 9.00 cocktails in new buildings developed by Remmer. Thank you new residents for lecturing the locals on how we should accept your utopian douche baggery.
Goodbye food carts and live music venues. Yeah- inner SE PDX is officially lame until the next recession/and or riots.
Move to the Upper East Side foolios. East of 205 is easy livin and the livin is easy. Sure you have to make your own coffee but with the slickification of everything west this hood is gonna be sweet in 5 years.

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