I Shot a Gun For The First Time and It Was Pretty Fun I Guess


So what you're saying is that you went out and used long guns a lot, but failed to have any sort of comprehensive safety training beforehand? You're the very model of responsibility.

Also, you should stop wearing shorts that cover your knees, they make you look like a douche-bro.
It's like Sam Adams and Patton Oswalt had a little cowboy
I think your shorts look great.

Your friend,
Well, shooting weapons IS fun... just don't shoot people or animals.
Skeet shooting would be more interesting if the skeet could shoot back.
Note: not coming from a gun owner.

I think you should get rifle training. Your life and the lives of those around you may depend on discipline and training from knowledgeable shooters if you're going to fire a gun. Plus it being such a hot button issue, knowing how to properly handle a rifle is important politically and personally.

Signed, a person who is not a gun nut nor a concealed weapons carrier nor a current weapons owner.