You realize of course, development of the type proposed will close all the clubs in the area, all of whom are Mercury advertisers.

Doubt the city has ever allowed subsidized housing to inflate to market in 10 years.
Following this stuff gives me a headache
Hello! There are many buildings in this area that serve as housing for chronically homeless people with disabilities, and I notice that some of those sites, but not all, are labeled "opportunity sites" according to your map. Does this mean that the sites in purple are to be turned into affordable housing apartment homes? Thank you for your article! I wish I understood the politics more clearly.
Why will the clubs close? Don't close they clubs, they are trashy I like them.
We lost live music in inner SE, let's just kill the downtown scene and hold a funeral for Portland's coolness. People: the city has decreed that you live in a small studio and ruin your liver at the bar below. It is 20 minute alcoholism- we don't want you going downtown and dancing. Please sit quietly with your
cocktail and walk home to your your stifling studio.

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