They had to stop selling 40 minutes in today due to being overwhelmed. I don't mean "500 people showed up at once" overwhelmed, merely "10 people are in line and trying to order this" overwhelmed. They didn't have an accurate count on how many orders out, how many prepped ingredients they had, and it sounded like they were out of a few things (like buns.)

Burger tasted fantastic though. But not gonna be surprised if they take a break tomorrow, or pull out entirely. It was blindingly obvious that they were woefully unprepared for the onslaught of increased volume that Burger Week brings.
Hope they stay in...they were one that I definitely wanted to try.
Andrew, I'm glad you liked the burger, but come on. That's baloney. We had a line out the door at 2pm. We had purposefully decided NOT to sell the burger at lunch hoping to avoid just this because we heard the horror stories. We had a full ticket board of burgers by 2:15pm, almost nothing else ordered (those that did order off our normal menu got their food quite quickly). Two o'clock is not traditionally a busy time of day in any restaurant. It's a complicated burger and we're not a burger place. We don't have the equipment or setup to do hundreds of burgers, like the dedicated burger places. Even if our staff was perfectly prepared and trained, there is just so much that our kitchen can handle at once. And there's only so much we can even prep while still doing our normal prep for our normal customers. We lose money on each of these burgers sold.

I talked to someone today whose friends run a restaurant that participated last year. It's comments like these and worse that made them quit after the first day and refuse to do it again. (It's also why you see so many "boring" burgers out there -- because there's just not much benefit in going out of your way for customers who will damn you if you do and damn you if you don't.)
One of the best burgers I have ever had, I hope you continue to keep this on your menu. Fantastic, I got there at 1:40 yesterday and was 2nd in line.

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