Trader Joe's Do-Over: Another Grocery Chain Chosen for NE Alberta and MLK


Do they provide affordable, healthy foods?
It's more expensive than Trader Joes. How is this not going to continue gentrification of this neighborhood? Why is this acceptable to previously concerned parties? What has changed? What race is/was the owner of the company that was going to build Trader Joes? Lots of questions to be answered.
Hopefully there will be additional density on the site, which is zoned to become a center with buildings 5-7 floors tall. The last proposal looked like a strip mall!
@wmlucien, Right, because this one parcel of land is going to determine whether inner NE/N becomes gentrified or not.
You want "affordable" food? How about the city sells to 7-11 and Arby's? Really go for the Gresham model, there's lots of affordable food up there.
There is a Natural Grocer in Beaverton. It hasn't added anything to the neighborhood. It's expensive and has over-priced vitamins. Y'all would have benefitted way more from a Trader Joes.
Would have been better off with TJ's.
“Four months after Trader Joe's definitively killed any hopes it might reconsider an abandoned plan to move to NE MLK and Alberta—fallout from CONTROVERSY over gentrification.”

That so-called “controversy” was provoked by the Portland African American Leadership Forum whose desperate need for attention required them, many from outside the Northeast Portland community in question, feared TJs would continue a pattern of gentrification of one of the city’s historically African-American communities. What a crock.

So what is different about the so-called threat of "gentrification" from Natural Grocers? Absolutely NOTHING.

The Portland African American Leadership Forum had NO CREDIBILITY after their self-serving, self-aggrandizing tirade against Trader Joe’s and it has even less now.

The Portland African American Leadership Forum whined and demanded more "affordable housing." What they meant was more PUBLIC HOUSING.

The Portland African American Leadership Forum has no accurate, complete and timely PUBLIC HOUSING STATISTICAL DATA upon which to "demand" more PUBLIC HOUSING in an Urban Renewal Area that already has among the highest concentrations of PUBLIC HOUSING in Portland, Multnomah County and the state of Oregon.

Mayor Hales continues to DENY access to accurate, complete and timely PUBLIC HOUSING STATISTICAL DATA so that his "promise" - like his promise NOT to raise a street tax - comes with NO FACTS to support any decision he would make, which so far he hasn't, about who, where and how much PUBLIC HOUSING money he should allow to be extorted from him by the Portland African American Leadership Forum.

Richard Ellmyer

North Portland

Author of more stories on the politics, players and policies of Public/Regulated Affordable/Low-Income/Publicly Subsidized Affordable Housing in Multnomah County over the last thirteen years than all other journalists and elected officials combined.