Advocates Hopeful About New Police Chief, Still Wish They'd Been Consulted First


Rosie Sizer was fired a few days after the James Chasse settlement for 1.6 million was announced (also the same day Keaton Otis was shot 23 times by the PPD) and now Mike Reese is replaced days after the largest police brutality jury verdict in Portland City history is made at $562,000.

How much money will the City have to lose for O'Dea to be replaced?

Nevermind having a DOJ suit brought against the City, the PPD was basically rewarded with a nice chunk of change for their poor treatment of the mentally ill in P-town. Maybe the City should stash some of that federal money away for future claims of misconduct against the police.
How about the usual whiners offer some concrete solutions instead of constantly complaining about how they haven't been included? Especially considering that they haven't been elected by anyone other than their own shameless self-promotion.
What a fucking joke these clowns somehow thought they may be included in the hiring process.
This tells you something about their dubious mindsets alright.
I'm pissed that nobody consulted me first. I didn't even get interviewed for this article! I don't understand why we don't conduct a costly and time consuming nationwide search and bring in some strange person that "tests well" to run things, like maybe from Florida or something.