It's Possible Portland Has the Country's Latest Ebola Case. You're Almost Certainly Safe.


Every city in the country is perpetrating it's own Ebola scare.

It's just like when the FBI entrapped that stupid Somali kid in Pioneer Square, advising him to press a fake button on Black Friday. The FBI knew there was no bomb, because it was their own, fake button. They knew the kid was unarmed, and they were right there with him. The Portland Police lied when they said that they weren't in on the gag, because I was there, and I saw the place surrounded.

Why did abusive law enforcement need to make such a big spectacle of the arrest?

The FBI already had the kid in custody when they told him to push the fake button. The whole point was to terrorize Portlanders over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, so that they would be willing to trade freedom for supposed security and in the future be willing to give carte blanche to the Police and FBI for every abusive action that they decide to perpetrate on innocent civilians.

Ebola is such an aggressive virus that it always burns itself out by killing all the hosts, before an epidemic can spread very far. Therefore, Ebola can only be kept alive in the laboratory. Some government or government sponsored terrorist organization is deliberately infecting multiple populations in order to institute Martial Law all over the World.

A lot of people will die from Ebola, but remember, terrorism is called terrorism, because terrorists are impotent to actually kill everybody. Terrorism is psychological warfare. Portland once had internment camps for Japanese Americans out at Jantzen Beach. Even Chinese Americans had to carry ID cards so as not to be mistaken as Japanese descent.

Portlanders didn't do shit to stop that then, and neither did any other US citizens in any other states where concentration camps were located. When the homeless and the politically incorrect show up at OHSU with a standard case of the sniffles, they will be rounded up, sent off to a concentration camp, never to be seen nor heard from again.
Queen's Hospital in Honolulu recently issued a press release that they had a possible Ebola patient. After all the local media alarmed the Public, the hospital said to never mind, because the figured that the guy didn't have Ebola after all. Queen's Hospital didn't even bother to test the patient for Ebola. They didn't test for the virus before the first press release, nor before they latter said that he was not infected.

Queen's Hospital admitted that they never tested the patient for Ebola at any time. Why would a responsible hospital issue a false alarm and have the arrogance to not even put up a pretense of concern enough to even test for the virus?

What this accomplished was to scare the Public, making them fearful of anyone who might possibly be accused of being infected.
3 Canada joins Australia in restricting Visas. Must be nice to have a government that protects the citizens.
Hippa does not cover non resident aliens so then she must live here on a visa or be a citizen.