Housing Bureau Boldly Demands Almost All of City's Remaining Surplus Cash


Fix the goddamn streets with it, and don't bother taxing us more.
"...nearly every dollar that won't be earmarked for infrastructure maintenance".

"Infrastructure" means "the goddamn streets".
Did you bother to read the rest of it?
Love you, hun.

Yeah, I did. Unless Denis is lying to us all (which I wouldn't put past him, high on his pre-Oregonian douchenozzle buzz), infrastructure spending is tucked away, not negotiable, basically already spent.

While it would be swell to spend more than they'd planned on infrastructure, I don't work for the city and my ANGRY INNERMET COMMENTS aren't going to have any substantial influence on Portland's budget. Presumably it's the Housing Bureau that deals with how fucking fucked the housing situation has become over the last several years. Dunno.

Jesus Christ I'm boring myself. G'night? G'night.