Take a Look at TriMet's Brand Spankin' New MAX Cars!


Bike hooks?
4 per car, 8 in a train (same as before)

Some good info here: http://trimet.org/pdfs/max/Type5_LRVs.pdf

Says they are mostly made in the US, curious where.
I liked the Type 4s well enough. Do like these aren't so overly long and sleek at the exterior ends.
Does the sign on the first photo mean they're extending the yellow line down to the waterfront? That stop is SW Lincoln and 3rd, which is past where the yellow and green currently end, but the sign would suggest you can take a yellow line into the city center. How far will the yellow line go?
No word on what the wheelchair areas are like? Thanks a lot. Also they boast improved ramps. How so?