Build the damn thing. We could certainly use the tax dollars it would generate for schools and roads.
Besides, propane remains one of the cleanest fuel choices that remain for us.
While I am delighted to read the news in this article, please allow me to make a correction. I (Chris Fountain) was NOT "given assurances from Commissioner Dan Saltzman that he doesn't support the propane terminal".

Testimony given to City Council by me on Wednesday was as follows (verbatim); "Yesterday, a caller to Commissioner Saltzman’s office received the information that the Commissioner has joined with Mayor Hales in opposition to hearing Pembina’s application. If this information is reliable, Commissioner, I applaud your decision".

A Mercury reporter contacted Commissioner Saltman's staff to confirm his position after I had given my testimony. His staff's response on THAT day was that Commissioner Saltzman had taken NO position on the Pembina matter.

It appears that Commissioner Saltzman's staff is unclear about the Commissioner's position. Therefore, since I have never spoken directly to Commissioner Saltzman, his official position remains unclear to me.

Thanks to the staff of the Mercury for following this hugely important issue so closely.
Thanks, Chris, for the clarification.
Great, clear reporting on the situation so far! I would have liked the inclusion of the importance of the groundswell of citizen opposition to the proposal.
Something needs to take the place of the shipping lines that the longshoremen have chased away. How's that working out for you, guys and girls?

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