Protest Fun: Greenpeace Activists are Dangling from the St. Johns Bridge to Imprison That Shell Oil Ship


the funny part? the kayaks, ropes, and portaledges are all petroleum-based.
If there's anyplace I'd want to be, its dangling off a bridge in 90-100 degree weather on a platform with a bucket of my own poop.
So the ship got in Saturday for repairs. Seems like it might be here for awhile. They wouldn't bring it down from the arctic circle for a quick spruce up right?
I didn't know anything about this event. How can I help?
Wow, Protests sure are Fun!
You can seem to be Morally Responsible and meet new friends!
Just don't let any small hypocrisies bother you.
There is Fun to be had!
Love the idiots pointing out that we use oil to produce stuff... YEAH... if we weren't BURNING it we wouldn't need to start getting it from the arctic... there's more than enough in Texas if we would just wise up and stop using it as fuel!