A Group of Kids is Suing the Federal Government for Ruining the Earth


Ahh, the Idealism - and IGNORANCE of Youth is so charming.
My heroes! If children can sue the government, so will I.
Smart move. In the right hands a lawsuit like this has a real chance at affecting change. If it becomes a class action suit then the govt will actually have no choice...
The government has a duty to protect the public trust, those resources which belong to all of us, and to future generations. That is the basis of the suit here, and sure, it is idealistic, but it is rooted in the law and in justice.
We're fucked, all of us are just totally screwed.
What's IGNORANT is pretending the economy and environment are mutually exclusive!
We ALL need to sue local and Federal governments! They are blatantly ignoring the health and prosperity of their constituents (individuals, NOT corporations). Yeah, for these kids. I wish that we were all co-signers on the suit!
Wow, the stupid, it burns so badly.
Ok. Anyone with a brain knows that the catastrophic man made global warming hypothesis is completely debunked by the evidence. It is blatantly obvious that it's a political scam designed to gain complete economic control over every aspect of our lives via CO2 as well as transferring wealth from the population and destroying production/prosperity in order to create an environment of poverty and suffering so they can get support for their world government.

Science time.

Watch this amazing video where an ex carbon modeller for the Australian Government breaks down the fatal flaws in the CAGW hypothesis brilliantly for the layperson.

More science as no doubt the people who read this article won't educate themselves by following the link.

1. It hasn't warmed globally for 18 years despite rising CO2.
2. The Mediaeval, Roman and Minoan Warm Periods were as hot or hotter globally than today with much less CO2
3. The Ordovician Period involved an ice age with CO2 levels 11 times that of today.
4. No mid tropospheric hotspot disproves the warmists' positive feedback hypothesis and proves the models wrong.
5. No sea level rise increase.
6. No sea temperature increase to account for the supposed 'missing heat' (ARGO buoy data) nor any explanation as to how heat would decide to jump into the ocean or violate the laws of thermodynamics and not warm the top layers on the way down.
7. Outgoing Longwave radiation increases with surface warming cooling the planet (ERBE satellite)
8. Low level cloud from water evaporation creates an albedo effect reflecting short wave radiation cooling the planet.
9. Arctic ice has recovered from the 2007 minimum somewhat and had much less ice almost 1000 years ago enabling the Vikings to easily navigate the Arctic, with much less CO2!
10. Antarctic sea ice is at record levels.
11. CO2 lags 800 years behind temperature rise in the climate record showing temperature drives CO2 not the other way round. (Vostok ice cores). The falling temperatures in these records accelerates much faster than the CO2 showing that CO2 is not a primary driver and has little effect on climate.
12. GCMs (Global Circulation Models) are consistently producing results at least 3 times that of the observed temperatures, showing the models have their climate sensitivity parameter drastically wrong. In other words there are zero to negative feedbacks in the climate system, not positive as the models assume.
13. CO2 heat absorption and emission is logarithmic which means that after a certain point an extra CO2 added absorbs less and less heat.
^^The delusion is strong with this one.
Are these the same brain surgeons that had their lawsuit thrown out of state court a few months ago? Something about suing Kitzhaber and the state in general for not protecting their future. I predict the same fate for this lawsuit.
I dunno about you guys, but I am really fond of the way Gregory speaks up and articulates the kids beliefs.
So very magnanimous of him.
The Federal Gov.? It is people, us, the guy next door and the woman downtown who do this. The Federal govt is really nobody. Pointless to sue yourself.
Ha the Australian government is about to build a giant coal export port directly on top of the Great Barrier Reef, and you are referring to them for climate science? Your facts are wrong, and the earth is not flat. I support these kids 100%
david7777 --- More science as no doubt the people who read this article won't educate themselves by following the link.
ME --- Good job. People can find more climate truths at: sustainableOregon.com