Evicted: Towne Storage Building Tenants are Getting the Boot Under New Ownership


Somebody might do what they did to that 4 story number up on MLK couple years back.
If you don't want to risk having to move in 2 months then you need to sign a long term lease, if you want the flexibility of month to month tenancy it comes with a downside too.
@econoline - many long-term leases stipulate that the owner can break the lease early, also if there is a new owner, there are legal loopholes for not having to honest the previous owner's lease, not to mention the price a developer pays for breaking a lease in this city is next to nothing. This has nothing to do with what you said; this has to do with a city that has extremely limited renters rights.
Please stop calling these evictions. This does a disservice to the people you are trying to protect. These are no-cause terminations. It is not just semantics. A tenant that has a no-cause can much easier get a place than one with an eviction. A tenant who says they have an evictions will most likely be rejected out of hand. But an eviction is only an eviction if it is court ordered. A lot of tenants don't realize that and shoot themselves in the foot when applying.
I came in here to make a joke about making a joke about someone saying that stupid, "getting kicked out of your home isn't being evicted" comment. But Jon Jacob already did that and is a jerk for having done so.

Good job, Jon Jacob for being "that guy".
It's a scummy throwback to the days before the Pearl renewal, anyway.
Jon Jacob, that is a ridiculous thing to say. Give evidence of one person who has been denied because they said to a potential new landlord that they were evicted after being served a no-cause eviction and I'll apologize, but I think you're full of it.These are evictions. Eviction is a shitty word, and that's why we need to keep using it.What these people are doing is shitty.
Rob Hise-Denk: Jon Jacob is partially right in that some tenants DON'T know that no-causes are not legal evictions. As an admin for a renter's FB group, I have seen this on multiple occasions. These people then go on to either not apply for units that have "No Evictions" as part of their screening criteria, or check 'Yes' in the "Have you ever had an eviction" box on the application. Tenant's not understanding their rights is definitely an issue.

However, Jon Jacob, google 'Eviction' and the first thing you see is the definition "Eviction is the removal of a tenant from rental property by the landlord." Regardless of the legal ramifications of an eviction versus a no-cause, the immediate impact is the same: involuntary displacement. As someone who has been through this twice, I can say that not having a court order was of little consequence at the time. I still had to stop my life to find new housing, lose countless nights of sleep worrying about the financial implications of deposits and higher rent, and then pack up everything I own, say goodbye to my neighbors' and my kids' school, and then start over feeling powerless and vulnerable and like a 2nd class citizen.

So we absolutely need to be calling these evictions, but we also need to be educating tenants about the difference between a no-cause and a court ordered eviction.

And while we're at it: Can we have a conversation about why renting your house from a bank (where the deed replaces the rental contract) should afford one greater security and cost stability than renting it from a property owner? What exactly is it about signing those loan documents that imbues someone with greater rights and dignity as a person?
Well in the meantime, we are ALL unexpectedly getting the boot and now have to move our studios.
And a once vibrant arts community is as of Oct 31st wiped off the map of Portland.
Why isn't Portland doing something about this?
"affordable housing" and walls that separate people = contradiction...something people do not want to accept because they are all greedy and panicking in their heart to hold on to what they know which is all they've ever known; boxes. Absolutely no pity for these people, in their panic and limited perspective they will ignore actual solutions and latch on to whatever false hope is thrown there way which is what these developers want. In the end they'll pull us all down.
All the current tenants ought to form a syndicate and purchase a building of their own.
@ Dominic: why aren't YOU doing something about it??
Dominic, Portland isn't doing anything about it because most of the city commissioners live in a dream world where they worry about painting bike lanes and building swales and encouraging developers to put up apartment buildings with no parking whatsoever. There are too many roadblocks to development in the city. Portland desperately needs more apartment housing and we need it quickly.
Rick, there are "too many roadblocks to development in the city" but the commissioners are "encouraging developers to put up apartment buildings."

Which is it?
It's neither but it's both; it is called a contradiction. Walls; we hate them, we love them. We hide behind them, we blame them, and we cannot fathom asking for anything different.
Now that twenty-five percent of Mexico's citizens are in The United States, there is a surplus of buildings available in Mexico. The greater the supply - the lower the price; and, the weather's even nice.
As artists are self employed and used to living in substandard accommodations such as a warehouse, anyway, they might as well move to a cheap ass, third World country and sell their crafts online or ship to their current established buyers in Portland.
"the lower the supply - the lower the price" ... spoken like a true dumbass economist who thinks they are smart because they know how a world full of boxes work.

U all are addicts; addicted to boxes. As such you should be treated as addicts; you will not leave your place until dragged out by a greater force.

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Dear p-town mercury,

your enjoying the drama right? making lots of stories reporting problems instead of standing up for your town and reporting solutions?

Kindly reminder: Newcomers are not impressed. As such you'll be going out of business as well. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Aint nothing wrong with liking the box. Sounds like you get off on cots, so what's the difference?
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The reason for the box is for one thing, to keep from waking up covered in dew, even in Summer. Another is to keep from getting run over by bicycles. It's also nice to be able to cook spaghetti any hour of the day or night, smoke a joint without getting rained on, and manage to avoid interaction with obnoxious idiots unless you go online.
Sounds like you don't know shit but life in a partitioned box.
...first off I never wake up in dew, I'd smoke a joint whenever I want if I had such a habit, if bicycle could reach me I'd throw them over a hilltop, and I never get rained on. Though fresh air and rain do smell good, but I am not actually talking about sleeping outside. I am talking about walls not ceilings.
Great, we'll all be there to see you, soon! Have the spaghetti, ready!
This article says the tenants have been served with notices. They have not. My boyfriend rents there. They were told about a month ago informally by the manager that it was selling and they would have to leave . There has thus far (9/15/15) NO NOTICE, no communication whatsoever from the new owners. It's absurd. My BF has a lease through January, which the new owners will be breaking if and when they tell people officially that they have to be out. Will the people with broken leases be compensated? Stay tuned. (Not holding my breath)
Salem is looking better all the time. Just bought a wonderful house in a great close in neighborhood for a third of what it would cost in Portland. No stupid transit tax and light rail that nobody wants, better schools for my middle class kids. Best of all I am only forty seven miles from traffic jams and bike Nazi's. I bet you could get great "art space" there for a lot less than Portland as well. We still have the Willamette and I bet it's a hell of a lot cleaner too. Two more weeks, two more weeks.
Welcome to Portland. Please consult your brochure for our list of attractions and amenities. If it's not in there, then it no longer exists.
All Portland tenants should work out a deal with The Oath Keepers and give them something constructive to do. Just tell them the government is behind it all.
If the tenants haven't been notified, than perhaps the new landlord bought the place because it has a cash flow with renters under contract? Everybody just calm the fuck down. Media hype just creates mass hysteria.
This is the end of all culture that used to make this city great. Looks great on the outside but completely empty on the inside. R.I.P Portland! It was fun while it was still cool!