Mayor Charlie Hales Is Considering Putting A Homeless Shelter In This Old Army Reserve Center


Seems like a bit of a hike for a homeless person. I'm sure it's a dumb question, but how does the city expect them to get out there?

Give them a bus pass so they can travel. Some will hang out in the area wherever you put homeless shelters. That's the point of this one (and those to come). Disperse the population so they aren't all in one place like they are today.
I knew it was a stupid question!
If there is a decent and secure shelter, women would be better able to find work. I don't know if this is on a bus line or not, but I'm thinking that would be imperative for its success.
How about building a homeless shelter right next to the VQ?
Has anyone paid attention to the fact that it sits RIGHT NEXT to a School????