The City's Going to Take Control of State Land Around Hazelnut Grove—Then Clear It Out


So any old assortment of creeps can band together for a few weeks, squat on public property and the city will just roll over and let them have it? What a joke. Rather than coming to terms with the long-term problems that building shanty-towns all over Portland will create and coming up with a real solution, he's rolling over on this. Total cave-in without a lick of foresight... it's Uber and AirBnB and the "demolition tax" nonsense all over again.

Who wants this solution? Not the people that live nearby and certainly not anyone with a property line butting up against "Hazelnut Grove" or any other homeless camp. Hales has made it's clear that his legacy as a lame-duck mayor is the only thing he's interested in bolstering at this point, and we'll be dealing with the mess this makes for years and perhaps decades after he's out of office, tending to his fucking sailboat or whatever while we get to hike through an unregulated landscape of trash, poop and needles. Thanks, pal! Way to stand up for the people who actually pay good money to live and work in your city.
Are they taking reservations for those campgrounds?
It is inhumane to move campers in floods and winter weather. There should be an extension so that people don't die in this move. It used to be that no city would do a homeless sweep in the winter. But heartlessness is a disease, and to claim to be compassionate when actually destroying people's lives is getting to be the norm.
The camp has been turning people down for quite some time. Punishment of the whole group for the actions of people not willing to follow a code of conduct is a logical fallacy. The city wants to create a system, ok great because any group of people cannot just band together and get whatever they want from the city. Forgotten Realms is experiencing a lack of resources, one of which is political capital. Great the city is allowing 40 of the estimated 2,000 to 5,000 homeless to be swept under the rug. The sweeping of other camps still goes on. When a camp gets swept the citizens are forced on, as police accountability activist Kif Davis calls "the Death March to Nowhere." I bring up this activist specifically because he has filmed police officers sweeping camps and saying they received no change in orders since the homeless state of emergency was declared.
Collective punishment is wrong. When 2-5,000 people are experiencing problems in one of the 25 most populated cities in the United States, simple bureaucracy should be able to get any and all needs met. How many institutions in this city have more people. There's close to 20,000 employees and students at OHSU, with wildly diverse functions. I can only assume that the poorest of our citizens only value is to teach children to be productive or look what they will become is the o
I tried to edit a typo, and could no longer scroll to the end. But basically, I'd like to see how many properties are available for groups of 40 happy campers?