Hate Airbnb? At Least It's Going To Help Pay For Affordable Housing


I still hate Airbnb. How much money is owed by Airbnbs that don't have a properly registered rental?
Well, as long as we're pushing something in a vein, I guess it's all right, then, right?
$1.2M is like two houses. I don't think this is going to solve anything.
The latest AirBnBedbug scam is to rent your house for one day, and then let yr trashy "guests" stay much longer, w/o informing AirBnBedbug or paying lodging taxers.

Whee! Remember that the skanks at Vacasa don't collect lodging taxes at all.
@stinky Airbnb collects lodging taxes on behalf of the city of Portland for all stays, regardless of whether or not the host is permitted.