"A notice sent out to media organizations last night didn't get it right once, spelling it "Innarone." We'll post more once we've heard from Iannrone herself this morning."

And elsewhere in the story you spell it "Iannarone". I can't tell, are you trying for irony? It's entertaining, regardless.
I suspect that Iannarone (I will shorten her name to "Inane") will peel some votes away from Bailey.

With Inane and Bailey splitting the woo-woo vote, Wheeler wins.

The anti-car, crapartment fanciers are excited because she is a PSU planner type.

Cake gate will come back to haunt her. That was just one of those sleazy moments that will forever define Hales.
Reverend, if it becomes a campaign issue that she baked a cake for Nancy Hales, then we deserve whatever shitty result we get out of this election. Dirk, seriously? This better be the last time you write about that. Who the fuck cares?
PDXmil, there is a phrase "honesty in small things." Nancy Hales and Iannarone cheated.
It speaks to their characters.

If you were playing poker with a public figure and you saw them cheat- how would you feel about their honesty in civic matters?

Iannarone prob. won't be a big factor, because she is being pushed by a very unpopular mayor as his replacement. And she made a dumb mistake that you should not make if you are planning to run for office. Cakegate will dog her throughout the campaign.
Can we just talk about how weird and maybe-ugly her glass frames are? Seriously, they look like something a stoned costumer would have made for the tv show Andromeda starring Kevin Sorbo.

And yeah, I know it's a cliche to talk about what a woman is wearing rather than policy or whatever, but THOSE GODDAMNED GLASS FRAMES need to be discussed.
Gee, another white yuppie.
If Iannarone falls short in the mayor's race, she can still have a second career hosting "The Great Portland Baking Show.'
Fuck me. "Cakegate." Like that's what we should be focusing on. It only dogs her if you want it to dog her. Please, let's talk about cakes, and not homelessness. Or drug addiction. Or congestion. Or why the fuck we don't have container ships calling on our Port anymore. By all means, let's keep talking about cakes.
A Charlie Hales puppet regime? Sign me up!
Is she from the future? I think she might be from the future.
Wow! The only thing you can say about her is how her last name could be hard to spell. Now I know why you are BFFs with Hart!

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