How to Neko Atsume: How Do I Get Gold Fish?!?!


I need a bigger effing yard
Fun post! I just found this and last week's. I loved the line: "*You will take photos of your cats as they visit. You will become obsessive about this." Interestingly enough, I just posted this week about this very topic:….

I've never seen my cats face-plant! And Saint Purrtrick has two tails because he's based on the nekomata (and he's called "Nekomata-san" in the Japanese version), a cat shape-shifter :)

I have had all cats visit my garden, I have purchased all of the items, and I am waiting for just one more treasure/memento before it can be said I've "beaten" the game... until they add more cats in the next update!
I don't know why the link was truncated :( ...…
I love love love this article