The Bicycle Style Council


Also, please call your passes. Just because you brought your bike out of the basement when the weather is nice doesn't mean you can also start acting like a douche bag.
That I,A was one of the sorriest passive aggressive things I've ever seen. I almost slit my wrist just to make up for that poor wittle bikey bike rider. Awww... so sad!
This sounds exactly like that guy who thinks any fan of a band who appeared after he magically discovered that band are posers, losers and **chuh** didn't know what it was like back when they played that sad dingy club and didn't understand chords yet.

There's enough road for everyone, you sad elitist.
stupid hipsters and their fixies.

me...i'm out riding my tall-bike rain or shine
This is just yet another reason why I hate cyclist. I think I'll go buy a bike, just to run it over with my car and pretend it's this DOUCHE BAG IANON!
My bike has shocks and multiple gears. I almost never ride it except when I strap it to my fuel guzzling sports car and inject a ton of C02 into the atmosphere, so that I may destroy nature for a few hours by crushing native species with it's knobby tires.

I enjoy the entire experience throughly. Someone has to get out there and enjoy some of the oil while it's left right?!
Is this the same guy who wants to beat up the mini cooper guy?

Bike elitists. How ridiculous.
Dear bike nazis you might want to buy a new seat. It seems like your current seats are pushing your balls up your ass causing some constipation.
Fair weather bikers aren't trying to fool anyone. They're just trying to stay dry.
I bike to work in the Spring and Summer. It's a fun and stress-free way to get around. I'm sorry, it's not a lifestyle for me, it's just a pleasant way to get around town.
Just can't identify with this one. Poster sounds like a whiny little bitch. ON THE OTHER HAND, cyclists that don't stop for traffic signals really get me cranked up. It's no coincidence that the rage level increases exponentially when the offender looks like a smug hipster doucheoisie. Grrrrr!!!
Choosing to bike in the rain is what makes you better than everyone else? Fuck, that's sad.
"For we are cyclists" puh-leeze.
Fixed Gear does not equal fixies, right?
Which is worse, a fashion statement or a political one?
Spandex is dorky.
Hey guy, I'm a year round cyclist and I mostly ride a touring bike but in my modest bike stable I also have a fixed gear bike. Does owning and riding a 'fixie' cancel out my multi-geared bike, all weather riding, commuting and rain gear owning?
What if I occasionally take a bus? Does that make me not a cyclist?
What about riding in a car to the coast with some friends? Does that make me not a cyclist?
What about WALKING to the park or the corner store? Does that make me not a cyclist?
I always thought the more people that ride the better, even if they aren't a purist. Stop being jerk and enjoy the fact that less cars are on the road because of these 'fixters'.
Fixies are just plain dumb, unless you are racing on the track.
i love how becoming "part" of something makes people think they are actually cooler, or a better person than they are. wearing spandex makes you legit now? i ride year round and people like this make me want to attach ten cans of hairspray to my seat to propel me as i ride, fashionably or not.