You are NOT Lance Armstrong



Telling incident I witnessed a few weeks ago: taking The Max home heading north b/c bike and car in the shop, a type you describe gets on Max at Rose Garden with his bike-junk mound proudly displayed for all to see-then gets off right at the top of the hill near the hospital and starts riding, heading north!

Fucker pussed out on riding up the hill! I couldn't believe it.....
Yes, you are correct. I am not Lance Armstrong. I do not dope.
Not everyone who bikes through downtown started their commute downtown, nor would you be able to tell how long someone's commute it by looking at them (no matter what your gigantic ego thinks). There are serious commuters who ride long distances. There are, I'm sure, also those who have the money to spend on looking like a power ranger on a bike too, but this is easily among the pettiest of complaints I've seen directed at the cyclist community.
I ride the Yellow line everyday. That happens every. fucking. day. It's crazy.
But I like seeing all the spandex-y man bumps... :(
Anon, listen, shaming anybody, even rich ass holes that look like power rangers on their bicycles, for not having the kind of body that fits your ideal makes /you/ look like the bigger ass hole. Kill yourself.