Pedestrian Logical Law


Dear Greshamphetamite who wrote this,

The law and my lawyer see otherwise. Go eat a bag of dicks.

- MrFabulous
hey mr fabulous would you let your kids just walk out in front of a car in a crosswalk without them at least checking to see if the car is paying attention? I stop for crosswalks all the time but at nine at night on hawthorne just walking out there without even looking is like watching a tyler perry movie and expecting a plot. just silly. He was a little harsh but had a good point
This shithead admitted that he won't slow down for people to cross and expects someone to wave every time. He's not following the law, and he's an asshole.

I withdraw my previous demand that he eat a bag of dicks. I now demand he eat a barrel of pus-ridden syphlitic dicks.
yeah, err, you DO have to give them a chance to cross. it's sort of the law and shit. every intersection is a crosswalk, even the unmarked ones.
Anyone who calls Portland "an intellectually driven city" is 100% full of shit.
If you're not willing to obey traffic laws, then don't drive.

If Portland Police ticketed every driver running the red light at the pedestrian crosswalk at SE Hawthorne and 16th, the city's biggest financial problem would be deciding how to spend the enormous budget surplus.
I'll risk it:
Crosswalks are for pedestrians. Ped's have the right of way.
That said, a car will do the most damage, so when I walk, I make damn sure I'm clear. When I drive, I like to make even MORE damn sure no zombie-ass idiot is going to lurch out after standing still UNTIL I get to the crosswalk. It's happened twice, and I call foul. I once had to brake because some mindless ped just bolted out, after standing still, listening to her ipod, eyes closed...then ran as my car approached. WTF??? I do NOT want to hurt anyone, and I stopped fast, scared the shot out of my daughter, and the ped flipped me off.
I just hate that some folks get a kick out of victimizing drivers. otherwise, drivers, keep that lane for peds...
El Stunto, while the law does state that a pedestrian must first show intent to cross, it's worth noting that every street corner is a legal crosswalk here. No different from a painted one. It's also illegal to coast forward while they are crossing the lane.
I am so sick of bikers complaining about ANYTHING. Fuck you, get a car. I pay 4 dollars a gallon to get where I am going....NOW! Not to stare at your ass, Oh, and If I dont see you, thats your fucking problem.OPEN your Fucking Eyes, you are IN THE STREET...Ring a bell, pay attention or you will die lose a leg hit your head, or even worse we will miss and have to read your bullshit here. Fuck bags.
If it's not an actual law, it's definitely an unwritten law that pedestrians always have the right of way in Portland, crosswalk or no. Get used to it or go back to, oh, um any other city in America, where pedestrians are treated like crap.
All you morons should just go back to Beaverton/Greasham/Lake Oswego/CA/WA.
Are you trying to be "LOW KEY" Racial? Shoukd watch how you say shit, or people could take it the wrong way!!!!!
How much do you all want to be that DamosA's just another douche bag from Jersey?
Oregon state law > "pedestrian logical law." Yes, it is the goddamn law to stop for a person in a crosswalk, and as mentioned above, crosswalks in Oregon are every corner, marked or not.

And no, I will not wave a grateful thank you for your extremely generous deed of not breaking the law and not killing someone. Get off the fucking cross already and move back to California.