Park Pooper


Most people actually get up *early* then *go to work* - then take a dump.
Yeah, get a job, then poop!
Soooo, it's the city that is supposed to house you?
The bums lost. My advice is to do what your parents did; get a job, sir.

Only because I like to use this quote.
your homeless person with internet access I pay 60 bucks a month for mine. So the city has already given you more than me.
To the OP: I hope you'll ignore the complete lack of compassion the respondents here have shown you. No one but you knows the particulars of your situation. All I can say is that, as you know better than anyone, it's shockingly easy in America to become homeless. Thousands of educated, middle-class people end up in that situation through no fault of their own. There's no safety net in the US. I honestly hope that the posters here never need to discover that. But more than that, I hope the OP finds a way off the streets and into happiness soon.
My stepdad had a job and a family but also a drinking and hitting problem therefore ended up on the street and because he was not white had a very hard time getting back on his feet. He died on the street.
You guys are bunch of fucking assholes with your "get a job" routine....I hope it comes back to bite you on the ass.
um im pretty sure mcdonalds is always hiring i di it for a few months when i couldn't get another job. Your drinking and drug problem is just that your problem, don't use it as an excuse to get a handout
None of the get-a-job assholes offer a real solution as to where this guy should take a shit, which is the acute issue. This is typical of get-a-job assholes.

I think you should shit on their porch.
Hey, beav, have you ever heard of the library? I'm pretty sure that the library offers free internet use to the public with a library card. Calm down and learn how to be nice.
It's a low day when Lebowski quotes are met with ire. Now I has a sad :(