Colonel Bummers


The poster is almost literally saying "GET OFF MY LAWN, YOU GODDAMN KIDS!"
If you're going to move next to a park, you have to expect shit to be loud at times. Yes even at night, get used to it or move out.
This is exactly how I remember Colonel Summers last summer, and the summer before that. In fact, the kids you're describing sound exactly like the assholes who trashed the park and set fireworks off under trees, in the shelter, in the honey buckets and pretty much anywhere they thought would be hilariously destructive last July.
"GLORY DAYS dun nu nu nuhhhh"
This just in: Drinking at the park is what people do when they're teenagers. To contrast the behavior of a bunch of aimless adults acting like teenagers with the behavior of actual teenagers seems a bit unfair. Either way if the neighbors are complaining and writing blogs about it, i'm sure that whole place will be shut down soon enough. Dummy.
Anonymous has some interesting ideas about social class. He assumes that the annoying teens are high school dropouts, and hence his social inferiors, unlike the presumably middle class slackers. When he starts talking about social services and laziness (i.e. hours you probably didn't even know existed), I start to wonder what his views on race are. Does he also complain about welfare mothers driving Cadillacs?
So the neighbors got rid of one group of jackasses(yourselves) and inherited another? Nice. Glad I don't live there
I took something different from this than a lot of you, but maybe that's because I live near the park, too.

The issue doesn't involve typical summer noise (seriously, I understand that and expect it for sure) but more the fact that people are really drunk, they're often using drugs in front of neighborhood houses, they're playing really loud music, and they're all driving here to do it, while we value Col. Summers as our neighborhood park.

Yes, they have built a community of sorts on Mondays, but we are also a community, and our community is here 24-7. We need to work together to share this resource -- not chase people out of parks when they ask rationally that things quiet down after midnight on a common work and schoolnight.

I also think Portland police should enforce laws that limit what can happen and when in the park, given they focus so intently on others, especially in areas of Portland that lobby on behalf of businesses or wealthier residents. They're part of the problem, too.

This summer has been a lot worse than last, in terms of the size of crowds, whether they're damaging our property and how late they stay.

In terms of class issues, I have spoken with a lot of people hanging out in the Monday group and it seems like a lot of them get by living off trust fund payments or their parents' money. I often feel lucky but can't say I enjoy that sort of privilege.