Voodoo Fucknuts


Wow, you seem to be complaining that Voodoo Doughnut is no longer a quirky local place and is now overrun by crowds of tourists. It's been that way for a while now. Given that those stupefied families from Arkansas are their core customers, I doubt it's going to change.
Its a fuckin donut.. A DO=NUT....Go somewhere else. Dummy. Buy it smash it in cereal and make a shape...Look just like voodoo! dumb-ass.
You have a much bigger problem if you're eating multiple weekly doughnuts. Yuck.
This is gibberish. Who exactly is this addressed to, Voodoo Donuts or their customers? What is an "obscure time" (or a "seemingly noticed" time, for that matter)? How can you be persistently driven away from something? Do you mean "constantly"?
if you don't like it go somewhere else I did I like the donuts but like you the people drove me off so I just did the adult thing and went elsewhere
Yes. it is too much to ask. Asshole.
But he went there before it was cool >:(
Voodoo used to be available at other locations but they got greedy and discontinued deliveries.
Just complain. Complain about it to the company. Tell them you want to buy their stuff but they need to fix the 30-min wait problem. And complain at the phone/e-mail level. Don't put it on the waitstaff.
Voodoo Donuts got greedy? It's a goddamn donut business, not the Make a Wish Foundation. Christ.
Oh please. When I drive by a doughnut place and there is a line of people waiting that goes down the block and around the corner, I go someplace else. For christ's sake, it is a doughnut with cereal on top. Go to Safeway, buy a maple bar and a box of pre-cooked bacon and make 'em yourself. Guess what? You are one of the "oblivious masses" that you hate. They are a bunch of idiots... just like you.
Vodoo Donuts is OVER.