Dear Single Women of Portland


I thought it was a woman who wrote this about a guy until I got to 3. Dude, you're gay. When you realize that, you'll have better dates.
I don't think it's a gay thing, he just sounds particular. This kind of stuff bugs me too, though not enough to write an anonymous post about it.
This guy sounds bitter and cantankerous, but he's not wrong.
1. True.

2. People go to dinner for first dates?

3. I always wait until my date looks the other way before I take food off her plate.
You invited them to dinner, I assume, so you could swap spit; shit; and tit with them... Eating my fries is the least of my concern, matter of fact, my first date with my ex wife was at sushi...I HATE SUSHI, I warned her but when I stuck the raw intestines of some foreign creature I realized I had NO napkin and it was coming out...My ex opened her mouth and I 'gave it to her'...Pussy.
Yes you should stay single. you suck.
Is it possible that your dates are being rude because they've guessed that you're a raging asshole?
Just don`t get too exited dude and don`t spray her with the ketchup, like you seem you want to do, and you`ll be fine immature fun killing not amorous human being. If she has some sort of status respect that. Seriously.
I loathe chewing and all acts involved therein. It's a problem I keep to myself though--well, except here. My partner is phenomenal and I simply look the other way when the banana chomping, milk slurping, and pasta sucking begin.

It's worth it in the long run, Mr. Weak-Sauce.
"...first dates that involved eating out..."

I thought this was gonna be about something else.

I'm curious if Anon dines alone most of the time, or if his male and/or platonic acquaintances have impeccable table manners. Call me narrow-minded, but "gay" was my first thought about Anon when I read this.

If Anon, like Robotcat, loathes chewing, maybe he should find some other date activities besides dining.
He is a bit particular, agreed but to be fair I have observed some women in Portland that eat like truck drivers....or worse. And no, it's not too attractive, but I do'nt mind if you bathe! What is it with half the people at "hip" pubs etc smelling like ass!?
chill the F out iAnon... ever think you might keep going on first dates because no one wants to go on a second date with an uptight buzzkill?
Was this a blind date? Maybe for future dates, you should go with someone you actually know a little and like a little. Blind or internet dating is a crap shoot. Bad table manners are not so bad, I've had some internet dates that immediately started asking if I wanted a "pearl necklace" or "friendly back rub" before the movie had even started.