To the Douchebags Who Wrote a "Dear Waitress" Note


People who are rude to service and under-tip are pretty much subhuman.
13 tables? Damn...that is admirable. I waited tables for a few years and rarely ever had that many at one time.
guess you should have gone with the college major your parents wanted you to choose.
Back in my bartending/serving days, I once had a customer who was angry because I BY LAW and by common sense wouldn't allow her to prop her 6-month-old baby (in a pumpkin seat) on the bar. She threw a hot bowl of soup at me, drenching me with it. Fortunately, I worked at a restaurant in an airport---and assaulting an airport employee was a crime. I hope she enjoyed the cavity search.

The experience of waiting tables/making drinks made me love that The Customer Is Not Always Right site.
Let me guess, she works for McMennamins or Lucky Lab? They're always ridiculously understaffed.
You go girl! Joking aside you are correct self entitled 20 somethings suck and have no concept of monetary value OR work ethic. Sadly matters such as manners etc seem to no longer be very common here
Oh man, I think I heard about this later. One of those dudes felt SOOO bad about this.
@7: Then he should go back to the restaurant, apologize, and give the waitress a decent tip. No one gives a shit about his feelings.
@7 ... yeah, those bad feelings are tragic. Now march his ignorant little butt down there and have him make it right. Much bad karma will be avoided. (God loves wait staff and severely punishes those who mess with them.)
It's not LL nor McMenamins but it is a brew-pub
You should have added the 18% gratuity for having 6 or more people at the table.