Pile of Random Homeless Kids: Number 122345


BWAhahahahahaahahah! what I was going to say is bwywyahahahhahahahahahhahahaha. I never thought I hated hippies until I moved to Oregon. These are not the same hippies from the 60's who like'd to fuck...These are dirty filthy fuch holes you would not ever want to have sex with and if you did you would have to hold your nose and pretend it was an animal...Just so you could feet better about it... My question is...What are they? They are not hippies..
I'm going to "just enjoy the *hell* out of that burger." - a gayer phrase there never was; i can hear rip taylor prancing to it in my ears.
And don't kid yerself, those gutterpunx are packed in line at Carl's Jr. chatting it up on their cellphones and bothering other people in line for change.
haaaahahahahaha, I love you Anon. Enjoy that burger and shower.
They turned downtown, then east again, onto St. Mark's Place, where a teenage girl in serious punk garb said, “Excuse me, can you give me some money to buy drugs?” Philip looked blithely over her head and walked on. “Faggots,” she shouted, spitting out the word, and he visibly flinched. “Hey, you faggots, you want to suck my cock?”

“Shut up, bitch!” John Malcolmson shouted, turning around, and the girl's arms dropped to her sides. She looked suddenly like what she was-a fourteen year old girl-and seemed about to cry. Then she raised her fist. “Yeah?” she shouted. “Yeah?”

-David Leavitt, The Lost Language of Cranes
Yeah these street kids just love to call people "faggots," apparently even if you do give them money. And yet to the staff of the Mercury they are romantic Jack Kerouac-style progressive rebels and anybody who dares acknowledge their horrible nuisance is an intolerant republican.