It’s a Concert, not a Picnic.


They must have thought it was a james taylor concert
wasn't this the outdoor movie bit on portlandia?
Also: points off for attending a MMJ show in the first place. What the hell were either of you thinking?
They may be idiots, but you sound like a flaming asshole.
eight hours later and nobody noticed "My Morning Jacking?" C'mon now!
My favorite Edgefield moment was at Willie Nelson last year in the pouring rain. Everyone is standing and dancing.

I felt a tug at the back of my rain jacket and turned around. This older woman looking very frustrated says to me: "PLEASE SIT DOWN! WE CANNOT SEE!" I motion to the sea of people in front of me: "What am I supposed to do about all of them?".

"PASS IT ON" was her response, to which I countered with a simple "No".