Produce Aisle Pooper


Newsflash: most of the hippies on Hawthorne ARE yuppies. They just dress a bit differently.
So are the hipsters...they're yuppies with wacky eyewear. But anyway - who the hell was that idiot in the produce section? What a disgusting human being. I certainly hope you reported her to store management. Or at least said something directly to her.
If i were to guess I'd say it was probably some expensive bred vanity dog with an inbred genetic medical condition too.
Yeah, welcome to Portland. There was an unleashed pit bull in the Whole Paycheck in the Pearl the other day. Fuck this town, man.
The phrase "hanging's too good" comes to mind.
God, I love Portland. For one thing, this is not unusual behavior AT ALL for the FM on Hawthorne. Secondly, #4 has made my day. Fucking insanity on wheels, that's my little burg!